Sunday, March 30, 2008

Queens 60K --quick race report

as I write this on a sunny Sunday it seems funny to miss one of 5 races that was held today!
But know I need the rest day (rested Friday also). I headed into Saturday's 60K knowing that it might compromse my Umstead experience but I also needed to test out my shoes and eating and drinking (i know it sounds crazy but I also hate to miss a BUS event when it's possible to make it). As Rob had a flat tire, drove down with Frank --it was so cold and windy that i changed into shorts and tights. When we pulled into the parking lot,we saw Barbara who had driven 3 hours from Albany! She is doing Umstead also. We made our way onto the track and ran one time around together for Ted Corbitt. I knew all of the 4 women in the field, and that was nice -in fact, it seemed like all 30 of the participants were friendly faces. Each loop seemed to take forever, as it usually does for me, and at 20 miles I wanted to drop out -but I was in first and all I needed to do was hang on and finish for the points awards. I also, in the back of my mind, wanted to shoot for a sub 6 hour --I got to the 50K mark (and Frank was a bit ahead of me the whole race!! I was so mad as I wanted to run with him -but I ran with another Frank for 2 loops--haha) in 3:52 and cranked out the last 6 in a 9 min pace! Everything hurt from the concrete and the pounding and I had blood in my shoe and a blister --was happy to have it over, and finish in 5:47 --now am concerned with fixing my feet and deciding what shoes to wear next weekend --getting very nervous! I don't think I overdid it yesterday BUT will have to rest this week ---am thinking of everyone who is getting ready -Meredith, and anthony, even who is pacing her and my friend Tim (and Frank's friend) who is not running well -but maybe things will turn around for him.. Frank seems to not want to focus on it and has not mentioned running with me or anyone --we'll see what his plan is! Maybe he won't know until Friday!

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AnthonyP said...

Another great job ! You'll be just fine for Umstead.