Monday, March 24, 2008

Drowning in race T-shirts!! T-shirt quilts -part 2

what to do with race t-shirts? (and.. scroll down to Easter photos)

After saving up a huge container of sentimental race shirts, I finally made another quilt of 42 fun and colorful shirts with a blue and green border ( --at left, since the Boston marathon shirt is so boring, they cut the logo out from 3 separate shirts and sewed them on one patch! Next to it is an orange Westport summer series shirt -circa 1993? Above, right, is a vintage Perrier 10K 1984 shirt --in the 1980s I used to run 3 races a year, in addition to NYCM -the Trevira Twosome 10 miler, Perrier 10K and bagel Run (most sat nights I went out and so slept late sunday and ran at noon)--I wish I had saved the bagel t-shirts --I still remember the tackiness of the running bagel (the bagel had a sweatband). I never saved any Tri shirts, either, just the Bud Light Mt Snow Tri shirt -1991 (on quilt somewhere) Above the Perrier is one from my first ultra --Kurt Steiner 50K, 1999. On right is a 1988 NYCM shirt, and Yonkers 1996 logo. 2 blue shirts are from the Litchfield hills miler -one is from my 40th b-day (June 13, 1998) -the Westport and waveny park summer series shirts are sewn on..
it's great to get dri-fit shirts now that one can run in and enjoy and give to the kids to actually wear (like the Caumsett park shirt)!
I have so many more shirts with great graphics and from special races. I have a system now that my running friend Francoise taught me -when you get a new shirt, give away an old one that's not sentimental. One of my favorite shirts is the hot orange Norwalk 1/2 shirt...I have a basket of shirts to sleep in and that's one I use.
On Easter eve, at 10 p.m. I finally tried on my headlamp and took a 6 mile run/walk -my stomach hurt as it was after too much food and wine.
The moon was full, which helped, and now I have some night running in (when tired also) -Frank runs late every night!
Oh, on the left is a t-shirt from the Ocean drive marathon where we ran in a Nor'Easter -the race director mailed us shirts that said 'I survived Ocean Drive' .


Meredith said...

I love the quilt!! good job.

CTmarathoner said...

thanks Meredith. Frank is going to make one -he won't have a problem finding race shirts in his house.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

I have a Tshirt quilt - but I never thought of making one that big - awesome. Thanks for passing along the tip of giving one away.

the crazy jogger said...

woah I love that!! :D