Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cats, cats -millions of cats -Tarzan and Lydia's story

For 4 years I had volunteered at Central Westchester Humane Society, once a week (I stopped last fall as too busy), and the 2 cats above are adopted from this no-kill shelter of 700 cats!
Lydia was in a cage from June, 2001, to dec 6, 2005 (yes, 4 1/2 years) with a male cat Nathan.
I adopted her and Nathan when my Grey cat (who came from CWHS) died, and found Nathan a home through Cat Assistance, a hard-working group in Ardsley. She is a dream cat, and easily fit into the group of 3 cats who shared my home. She is still a bit overweight! When my 16 year old Pumpkin died last July (her picture was in Runner's World in 1997 -I sent in a funny photo of her sleeping on RW magazine), I adopted Tarzan (Cat Assistance got him for me) -he also has been in a cage his whole life and his mother and sister died of FIP -he is healthy with a cold,pink nose. Both cats love to be a home now! What does this have to do with running? Nothing, except that every time I run in the trails I wish for a dog -but too much work for now. The animal shelter has so many beautiful animals --it justs gets me too sad to go there, which is one reason I stopped. But here is their website, where you can find a dog or cat to bring into to your life:)
http://www.elmsfordanimalshelter.com/...and here's an article on cat Assistance from today's Journal News -- a story about 2 half-blind cats who need a home:



Meredith said...

i love cats!!!!

CTmarathoner said...

Meredith -I knew after you posting your cat photo that you loved cats -I wrote this up for us fellow cat lovers!