Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bunny Boogie -A good time was had by all

This 3 mile road race is Darien is an Easter weekend tradition -it's also among the most competitive races around -especially in the womens' 40s...they seem to come out of the woodwork. I feel that i either race it or just jog it. Today I was still recovering from last weekend and a 2 hour trail run yesterday (abut 9 miles) did me in. Knew I should run a long, slow run today (15-20)but not race, with Umstead in 2 weeks.. Last year I ran this race with my friend Kate. This year I was honored to run with Frank's daughter Katie.
I will milling around at the start, uncertain about racing and she said she would run with me (the women and girls start ahead by 2 minutes) -so we took off, and chatted the whole way. We got to see Rob, John, Frank and Tom pass us! We only walked a portion of the hills and I was a bit nice to her in that I let her slow down when she was tired:) (unlike her father). Kate, who raced, came back and got us and Katie sprinted in! her father had finished and was taking pics. This race is also a fun social event -not only did I see frank and Katie, but John,Rob, Tom from TRR, Michael (veteran superstar) from Scarsdale, my friend Karen (above in pink with her chocolate bunny prize), and my waveny Park running friends -so a good time was had by all. After everyone left (Rob drove me up to get my coat at the start -very lazy of me), I ran the 1.5 mile loop 2x for 6 miles, and then ran out and back for @4 miles (I just go by time -10 min is a mile) , got some Propel from my car and then ran the loop 2x for @13 miles-I felt out of gas today -very depleted -maybe it was the lightweight shoes on the asphalt as my quads were fatigued, or maybe I was dehydrated or need a rest any race, i'd had it with Pear Tree point so drove home and ran 7 more from home -slowly, and those were really hard miles -just felt dead tired, like I couldn't go on. Think I am just not recovered from last week. Driving to NJ later for dinner and then rest day and church and Easter dinner w/family --food, food and more drinks will speed recovery:) next week, 3-5 miles 3x and then the HAt Run (Rob doing a 60K)!

On another note, just found out that Karen has been diagnosed with breast cancer -this is just unbelievable -she is a top triathlete, beautiful and slim, mother of three boys and a nutritionist! She will be supported by her good running friends, including John (above, with blue windbreaker and hat) -and is positive -she wants to go to the world champoinship tri this year. ironically, someone asked me if I was running Umstead for a charity -and I said impulsively 'yes, breast cancer' and so I will -any miles I do will be donated in dollars by whoever I can get:)


AnthonyP said...

I so wish I could have made it today ! We need to pick a day for a hike at Bear Mountain. Two weeks to go until Umstead !!

rundangerously said...


it was sooooooo GREAT of you to run this one w/katie!! :D

Just_because_today said...

what caught my eye was your friend Karen diagnosis. Breast cancer has one of the hightest rates of survival, she will be fine. That power of prayer is strong, keep it going