Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter in NJ-scroll DOWN for T-shirt post

Easter in NJ was church (where all 4 of my neices and nephews sing), socializing and eating. In thinking about Myriam's remark, using the power of prayer while running and in daily life is definately a good thing. My parents were the host for brunch at their club --you'd have to run 30 miles to burn off the lunch.
I managed to take a 6 mile /one hour night run from 10-11 on Easter eve (yes, my family thought I was nuts). I did the walk/run after slogging through 20 miles that morning --Then, did a 5 mile trail run on Easter @noon and 2 one mile walk with family...more fatigued than should be.
at left, the teenagers -my niece (my brother's 18 year old) is a star swimmer, with a perfect GPA and SATs--waiting to hear from colleges!. She dislikes getting dressed up and would rather be in her sweats and Chatham H.S. swimming sweatshirt. Above, my nephew in front of enough cupcakes and sweets to feed 1,000 as my mom says. At right, the easter egg get the chocolate out of my house! Tapering is a must this week, so have to cut down on the carbs.

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Just_because_today said...

sometimes you have to use the power of prayer to keep you from all that food!

Hope you had a good Easter...and yes you are nuts!