Monday, May 25, 2009

B.U.S. 3-day Memorial day weekend 100 mile

winners Alicja and Phil

frank d and frank c --done!!

Finally -done!!

the 9 a.m. group before day 3 (early starters wee out running)

frank and phil before the day 3

grant, frank and frank d. after day 1

after day 1
The 100 mile trek is over!! What am amazing journey....3 days of 33.3 miles. Race report coming in a few days when get done all the stuff i didn't get done this weekend.
Finished in 17:47 --loops of 3 different Queens parks and tough mentally and physically. 27 finishers!!! and great volunteers and race director -ritchie.
day 1 --5:44
day 2 --6:02
day 3--5:58
see Frank's photos!!! Frank finished second overall in 15 hours and change --awesome. Here are some photos-will post more photos and report this week !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

photos from Boys scouts of america 5K and healthy kidney 10K

Tom, bob and Frank after 10K --Tom has on new singlet...

after the rainy 10K --Jane models new singlet

A pug puppy at the start of 5K

Frank finishing 5K

me finishing (finishing photos courtesy of Emily schurr)

chris wins the 5K in 19-something

chris, bea and frank after the 5K
one race for boy scouts...another for an organ. Both races for a good cause. I enjoy the BSA 5K, as the course is flat, it's a low key event (so low key that I have won the past 3 years) and a party is after at Mickey mantle's --last year Frank and I met Chris and bea, a wonderful couple who are both ultrarunners --Chris showed up and wn this year with Frank right behind. Bea was injured but came after for a drink. I think this is my 4th year -as I am a boy scout mom, and like to combine the race with a trip into NYC for a museum or similiar (hey, the wall street run is tonight --perfect weather)..except Thursday was rainy and cold so just took the train in and jogged up to the park...both Frank and I complained that we were tired before the race but he rallied and ran 20:25?? and I ran a 22 something --probably pushing it too much for having to run on sat. a.m. but i definately didn't go all out and didn't do much mileage last week as needed a break!!! Knee hurting alittle also.
Flash forward to Saturday --a 10K team race. Wasn't sure how knee or body would hold up...I lined up with Frank and in the first mile he passed me -then it started to pour rain!!! I passed Tom, and caught u with Bob H., who had to use the port-o-john. I pretty much ran with Bob and then Ted until mile 5 when the rain stopped. Poor Frank -no hat. I was elated to finish in 43 minutes --a sub 7 min pace, despite quad tightness and fatigue --happy to have it over. Afterwards, Tom and jane modelled the new singlets. Frank and I (and all taconics need to get one fo the new outfits!!).
Now moving ahead, contemplating the weekend and the 3-day Trek. Think I will take it day by day. Ice bath, anyone?? The nice thing about this race, besides the fact that it honors ted, is that one can walk!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

May watercolor art show and random photos

Hank leaves soccer field dejected after losing...

My friend's puppy at a soccer game!

4 frog paintings --mine in in lower right

recent sketches of lilacs, primroses, and peonies.
My watercolor class is having an art show for the month of May. I have 4 pieces in the show, but mine is the worst of the show --I am astounded by the talent in our class!!! My teacher says that May is the 'cruelest month' as nature tempts us with so may things to paint --she doesn't have time enough in the day to paint all the spring blossoms, plants, flowers, landscapes...i feel that way about races --not enough in the legs to run all the May races.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Glen's photos from Greenbelt Trail 50K--may 9

Thanks, Glen (Susan's partner/boyfriend)--for taking and sending to all of us -Joe, Frank and Grant...these photos at the Greenbelt trail 50K --somehow I missed the swans and swan-lings, so it was a treat to get that photo...Susan and Glen, enjoy Pinelands:) I realized that you have done a marathon and 2 50Ks all in the span of 3 weeks --so recover well. See Frank's blog for race report and photos.