Friday, May 15, 2009

May watercolor art show and random photos

Hank leaves soccer field dejected after losing...

My friend's puppy at a soccer game!

4 frog paintings --mine in in lower right

recent sketches of lilacs, primroses, and peonies.
My watercolor class is having an art show for the month of May. I have 4 pieces in the show, but mine is the worst of the show --I am astounded by the talent in our class!!! My teacher says that May is the 'cruelest month' as nature tempts us with so may things to paint --she doesn't have time enough in the day to paint all the spring blossoms, plants, flowers, landscapes...i feel that way about races --not enough in the legs to run all the May races.


Just_because_today said...

what are you talking about??? yours is beautiful. OMG you are so talented, I can't get over it. I should have one of your paintings.

Emmy, so I ran yesterday. I did a little blurb on it in my blog

Runner Tammy said...

Your pictures are so beautiful!

Your flowers all look so realistic and are so pretty. And I envy your frog in the calm and serene setting you put him (her) in:-)

You are right there are too many races in May and not enough in the legs (or even the ability to teleport to all the events). But you sure are doing a great job of doing many events.

cg said...

I did a search on running art because I am having a running art show at the Zest in Tolland, CT Nov. and December and I wanted to see if there were any other running artists in CT. And I found your beautiful watercolors.
They are fabulous as is your running.