Tuesday, May 19, 2009

photos from Boys scouts of america 5K and healthy kidney 10K

Tom, bob and Frank after 10K --Tom has on new singlet...

after the rainy 10K --Jane models new singlet

A pug puppy at the start of 5K

Frank finishing 5K

me finishing (finishing photos courtesy of Emily schurr)

chris wins the 5K in 19-something

chris, bea and frank after the 5K
one race for boy scouts...another for an organ. Both races for a good cause. I enjoy the BSA 5K, as the course is flat, it's a low key event (so low key that I have won the past 3 years) and a party is after at Mickey mantle's --last year Frank and I met Chris and bea, a wonderful couple who are both ultrarunners --Chris showed up and wn this year with Frank right behind. Bea was injured but came after for a drink. I think this is my 4th year -as I am a boy scout mom, and like to combine the race with a trip into NYC for a museum or similiar (hey, the wall street run is tonight --perfect weather)..except Thursday was rainy and cold so just took the train in and jogged up to the park...both Frank and I complained that we were tired before the race but he rallied and ran 20:25?? and I ran a 22 something --probably pushing it too much for having to run on sat. a.m. but i definately didn't go all out and didn't do much mileage last week as needed a break!!! Knee hurting alittle also.
Flash forward to Saturday --a 10K team race. Wasn't sure how knee or body would hold up...I lined up with Frank and in the first mile he passed me -then it started to pour rain!!! I passed Tom, and caught u with Bob H., who had to use the port-o-john. I pretty much ran with Bob and then Ted until mile 5 when the rain stopped. Poor Frank -no hat. I was elated to finish in 43 minutes --a sub 7 min pace, despite quad tightness and fatigue --happy to have it over. Afterwards, Tom and jane modelled the new singlets. Frank and I (and all taconics need to get one fo the new outfits!!).
Now moving ahead, contemplating the weekend and the 3-day Trek. Think I will take it day by day. Ice bath, anyone?? The nice thing about this race, besides the fact that it honors ted, is that one can walk!!!

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That sounds like a couple of nice races to me. Great job with them! Did you say you have won the 5k three times? Awesome!