Monday, May 25, 2009

B.U.S. 3-day Memorial day weekend 100 mile

winners Alicja and Phil

frank d and frank c --done!!

Finally -done!!

the 9 a.m. group before day 3 (early starters wee out running)

frank and phil before the day 3

grant, frank and frank d. after day 1

after day 1
The 100 mile trek is over!! What am amazing journey....3 days of 33.3 miles. Race report coming in a few days when get done all the stuff i didn't get done this weekend.
Finished in 17:47 --loops of 3 different Queens parks and tough mentally and physically. 27 finishers!!! and great volunteers and race director -ritchie.
day 1 --5:44
day 2 --6:02
day 3--5:58
see Frank's photos!!! Frank finished second overall in 15 hours and change --awesome. Here are some photos-will post more photos and report this week !


Scott said...

So much for relaxing on a holiday wknd. :)

Just_because_today said...

you got yourself a really good picture there! use that as your profile. Love it! sooooooooo when are we doing New Paltz?

olga said...

I miss Nick P, Alicja, Grant, the whole group...especially Nick, always dear to my heart. Say hello please from Olga.