Monday, June 8, 2009

Race update --Pioneer Memorial Day 100 mile Trek

I have been lazy about updating my blog but am writing a few quick reports (as if I can be quick) for Anton to publish in the Wolfpit here goes!
The Broadway Ultra Society Memorial weekend Trek
This is a 100 mile (total) 3 day stage race that, in it's 15 running, is put on every 2 years. However, Ritchie, the race director, is ready to retire so this was probably the last year. So, in a fit of craziness, I decided to try it...we were to run 33.3 miles each day, in mile loops, (or close to it) in a different Queens park. This meant running almost 100 loops on pavement...a mental and physical challenge, to be sure:)
Day 1 was in Kissena Park, and we ran on a nice shaded loop...Frank and CT's Al Toth were in the 3-day 100, and my friend Rob was in the accompanying with all loop courses, you get to run with and see the other runners-plus food and drink are offered every loop (this race had great volunteers as they had to count loops --very tedious)...the race included several elite ultrarunners on both the mens' and womens' I plodded along and finished in 5:44 --3rd female for the day. Fran and I carpooled all 3 days --I dropped him off and stopped at the local Mobil station for 3 ice bags and immediately took -in my running clothes - a half hour ice bath. Torture but it worked --my Ike talked to me and I read...
Day 2 was in Alley Pond park, on a shaded 1 mile loop --we had to circle the park 33 times!! I have all but wiped the day from my mind as this was the toughest day!! I was stiff and quads were tired, and it was hot!!! I walked alot, complained alot -felt like dropping out at mile 15. But music, companionship from other runners, food and drink got me through!! I think my time was 6:03...meanwhile Frank was in second place behind Phil, and elite runner.
Took another 1/2 hour ice bath and tried to stay off my feet --this was a great excuse to order take out dinner, not to do dishes or laundry...
Day 3 was in crocheron park --we had to climb some long steps just to get up to the park! But thankfully this was the last day --some of the slower runners had been allowed an early start so that we all finished together. No guarantees I would finish!!! I felt much better, though, than day 2 until about mile 15 when hit the wall (unusual for me)and felt headachy and veteran ultra friend Lydia said I needed salt right I had some pretzels and s-caps and drank alot and walked a loop. That helped, and pretty soon, although my quads were aching and i had blisters, i was back running. Frank. Lydia, grant and almost everyone finished when I had 3 laps to go, but finally I felt good. It was going to be over!!! I finished the 34 laps in 5:58 --I had run 100 miles in 17:46...we then relaxed and were treated to a nice award ceremony where all finishers got a trophy and medal from the estate of Ted Corbitt --that was cool.
I was so proud of the 34 runner, mostly B.U.S. members, who finished --it was a big accomplishment, when like a 100 iler, so much cn go wrong. Frank battled horrible blisters on the third day but managed to come in second in 15 hours and change, 2 hours faster than his race 2 years ago!! Would I ever do this again? definately beat down my body. But i am so happy I did run it one time and prove tha I could do a stage race and am thrilled that I got that special ted Corbitt medal.

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