Sunday, June 14, 2009

b-day weekend --5K and 50K!!!

Frank, phil, me and grant at finish

Frank D eating burgers after race

al finishing with his daughter running along

Grant (I ran with him for 10 miles) and Frank

what a whirdwind day today --ran the suffolk county 50K in was a point-to-point course along country roads in Long island and very nice --wished id been able to run it faster. Very proud of me for finishing while tired...on the other hand, made a promise that i'd not run a 50K tired again!!! Since the 100 mile trek, ran Nipmuck and the 50K so now taper time for VT -thank goodness. Frank is running so well -e finished in 4:24 with no walking and some stops to put on jacket:)Check out Frank's suffolk county 50K photos..I am just elated that it is time for a break --2 weekends of shorter races and running...swimmming and general rest days.
On June 13 ran in the summer series 3 miler --a great thing to do on my birthday!! Frank's blog also has photos --his daughter Katie finished in 29:59! on a very hilly course..I finished in 19:59 -Roy said it was a 50s course record by 45 seconds...Don had bagels and cookies for all after -thx Don.


Scott said...

Hey, Happy belated b-day! :)

Running CT said...

Happy Birthday! Emmy
Looking Good!!!

Just_because_today said...

what a great way to celebrate your birthday. Hey come down this weekend and run Run and Ramble in Rock Hill.

Just_because_today said...

if I sat like Frank D, I would never get up

CTmarathoner said...

thanks everyone --I guess for a runner it's nice when a race falls on one's b-day!!