Monday, June 8, 2009

Nipmuck trail marathon --June 7

out of the woods to the finish

me, elaine and barbara -the nifty fifties!

Frank, Dave (race director) and me

Frank and Jim after Nipmuck
wow --can't believe that it is the second week of June. Last weekend, on May 3, I ended up running the Brooklyn half with Frank and was a perfect day, and a new fast course...unfortunately i was tired from the 100 mile trek but I had rested that week -no more than 4 miles a day:) and actually felt alot better than thought i would..
the start was so slow, and the park crowded so it was impossible to get going too fast.
So when we did 2 loops of the park, it was flat and fast to the finish at Coney island.
I was able to maintain somewhat of a sub-7:30 pace...we finished at Coney island and found Frank's wife Pat, who had driven us, and friends Pam, Eliot and Ilana. Also ran into Bob from nj who is doing 50 races durng his 50th birthday was a fun morning...probably not the best thing for my old and tired body but got my running in for the weekend.
Nipmuck trail marathon came the day after the taconic North county news 5K, and decided to run the 5K for some speedwork and because it was my club event...I did ed up running sub 7s and won $50 (a surprise -knew there was money but didn't expect to be first master)--my knee was bothering me alittle AND QUADS TIRED but managed to run 21:20..then i drove to mahopac and handed out flyers. A busy day as also drove 4 boys to soccer in darien...
Nipmuck marathon almost didn't happen as we had some confusion about where to meet.
By the time we left Stamford with Frank and Rob it was 6:20 and we had to drive to North of Hartford by 8 a.m. -lol...good thing I am a fast driver (but safe driver-ha)as we made it by 7:40, with time to spare. The race goes out and back along the Nipmuch trail from Ashford to the Ct state line. It is a beautiful but rocky and technical single track trail, and is a cult race--we knew so many of the runners also as only people who ran the race last year were allowed in to keep entrants down to 150 and preserve the trail -more will be allowed next year. We also had to cross a road, and run a mile on a dirt the race has alot of variety...however,one can get injured and my knee had been bothering me so it was rolling the dice to run. But I like this course (except for the first part and the rocks and mud) and wanted to run it slowly...slowly i did!! The first loop --an out and back portion of 12 miles --was 2 1/2 hours, and at a very easy pace. Not hilly, but rocks and roots...I was running with my friend Barbara and her friend Rob, and didn't want to get lost so quickly followed them into the woods for the northern section --but Barbara had to make a bathroom stop and Rb went ahead so i was on my own. I followed the trail the best i could, which was made easier by all the speedy men coming back (like Frank, who ran 4:46!!)...the 4.5 miles until the turnaround seemed to take forever..and they did -it prob. took me an hour. My knee was starting to hurt a little and my quads were stiff and tired. Finally, I was at the road section and at mile 24!! less than 3 miles to go. I stretched out my stride and walked along the mud and rocks; almost fell, but made it to the finish in 5:47 (Frank joked that i was last but i think i was 112th). After i changed my clothes, we had a beer, diet Polar (which is made in that town) and some hot dogs and food of all, we did not need to hurry home and could drive at a normal speed.
I literally did not take a shower but went straight to my friend's son's eagle scout ceremony --I apologized to everyone for my dirty legs:) and tried not to stand too close to anyone.


Just_because_today said...

$50...ok, you can buy me a couple of drinks. Now, as for the marathon, why do they only allow 208 people? why do they want to keep the numbers down? As a race director I want as many as possible. ???

CTmarathoner said...

Myriam --the race director only wanted 150 or less runners this year to preserve the trail -last year he let in 250 and it was a zoo!! Since it is out and back along a single track trail, it was dangerous also. He said he would let in more people next year --new entrants (like you? not)-but normally if on a road you'd want as many as possible!

Runner Tammy said...



You have been one busy lady and runner. I am in the midst of a small break, then I have the Niagara Ultra next weekend (11 days). Then it's taper time until VT (oh yeah I also have a business trip to San Diego that next week which might adversely effect my running but should be great fun!)

Take care,

DawnB said...

so thats why you wern't at the mini hanging out in the woods. Nice job congratulations.

Scott said...

Hey dirty legs, wish I could have joined you at Nipmuck. :)