Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Case of the Missing Keys -Westport 10 miler -8/30

Ironically, me demonstrating yoga in front of my ill-fated keys!

The Westport summer series has a cardboard 'key' box , where runners can toss their car keys during the race. It's a great idea if you are sure which car keys are yours...and if you have an unusual car (like Rob's Miata) but I have a Volvo like 60 percent of the runners --and I apparently have the same black 'NYCM' key chain as another runner as we each took each other's keys -whoops....and this has happened before, according to Jim G. ---so moral of the story -make sure you know which are your keys. Did she take mine first??? I can only guess.
This morning was the series-ending Westport summer series 10 miler (ran slow!! achilles bothering me and also feel sluggish so just wanted to run as a training run), running were Frank, Dawn, Ron, Ronnie B., Alicia, Don and was pouring rain last night and I was tempted to stay home but would have missed seeing my friends -plus, would have run easy anyway) any case,I ran with Alicia and Ronnie and the time went by quickly --the leaves on the trees were changing! The last mile didn't seem so bad but i didn't have anything to give --nevertheless, I passed Don, finished, and saw Frank taking photos (see Frank's blog for photos )went inside, grabbed 'my car keys' and went to the car to get my bag and change. Another woman had grabbed mine, went to her car and couldn't start it -she brought the back and an announcement was made (did anyone take some Volvo keys by mistake?)--I never heard it (although Rob did) and even if I did, I would have no reason to think that mine weren't my own!! So when my car didn't start, I had my husband (a stroke of luck that he was home) drive up some keys. Now I have to track down that other woman and exchange keys --this could only happen to me.
While I was in the parking lot, Jim also had car trouble --his battery died.
and after a walk, i came back to see the last finisher of the race -a fat ground hog (see photo):)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wolf Lake -back to school

A quick entry--the house seems very empty today --empty of my teenager but not of his disarded possessions as clothing is piled high and has to be given away to thrift shop or stored for Hank...Andrew is safely at R.I.T. engineering school and beginning a new chapter in his life. He didn't seem to miss me at all when i said goodbye to him yesterday at 3 p.m. and drove home --but I miss him terribly. I go into his room, expecting to see him sleeping with his feet hanging out of the comforter!! On Sunday, after a nice afternoon and night with my family at my brother's house, Trip drove to R.I.T with the Toyota packed with andrew's clothing and computer equipment (from my brother's lake house --see photos of the family!) --The first thing that I told my brother when we got to his lake house on sat. afternoon was that Myriam had changed the Celebrate life 1/2 marathon so that Don, Frank, Rob, Kate and I could run it (it always conflicted with the 25K and the 50K)--so he asked when it was and will try to be around for it. The Celebrate Life 1/2 marathon goes right by my brother's lake house! That morning, Frank, Rob, Don and I had all run the Westport summer series and I had bags of Cliff Shots in my car (they were handing them out a the race)---these organic gummy bears were a huge hit among the kids, and Todd took some packets for hiking...
So onto R.I.T. -I met andrew and unloaded a car stuffed with assorted boxes and room items (such as laundry hampers and file cabinets), class schedules, etc. I didn't see Trip as he dropped off the stuff and turned around to go home (we left the 2 boys at the lake house with mom and dad and the cousins til 6 p.m. --they would much rather do that then be in the car for 7-plus hours). I checked into super 8,got to Andrew's new dorm, and we went to the orientation fair ---we signed him up for a bank account, and looked at all the booths (fraternities, sports)-then we went to the brand new huge Barnes and Noble bookstore --right now in fact have to e-mail andrew about textbooks!! --to get his books (which cost an average of $100 each). We did not buy the Calculus book as it was $240!! Then we went to an on-campus cafe and he had a dorm meeting and didn't want to see me anymore so I went back to the motel -yesterday R.I.T. had a wonderful orientation assembly where all the freshman came in RIT t-shirts and sat together in their respective academic areas --andrew had an engineering school meeting and I went to the bookstore and then met up with his roommate and roommate's mother. We managed to do some shopping and then I was off --the new students have an entire week of one less child now, but still many loose ends to tie up!! . For whatever reason, andrew didn't want photos of him and I didn't get my camera out til all was over but the campus was a spectacular sea of orange and brown.
Hank started high school this a.m. --taking him to get a new backpack and cleats this afternoon, and it is not easy to get into the homework mode when it still is summer........

Friday, August 22, 2008

packing for college -R.I.T. bound

It has just hit me that my son is going away for college -R.I.T. engineering school!
We have spent the last day cleaning out his room and both of us are sneezing and sniffling ---here are photos of the piles we have made. So far the only ones happy with this arrangement are the cats! They have found a new place to sleep. Still to be packed up --all of Andrew's computer equipment -wondering how we will fit everything in 2 cars --my husband will leave tonight or tomm --early, with some stuff, as he is playing golf tomm in the Catskills..I will follow Sat afternoon.
I'll spend night at R.I.T on sunday after my son gets moved in --LOL! will report back next tuesday if we survive this...

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today, August 21, is RunDangerously's 46th birthday(no new age group, unfortunately, and the age on paper is just a number!!) ---hope you have a good birthday! and fit in you like to do -run, drink beer, relax...sushi or cheeseburger?? In any case, as I write this, it's a gorgeous day -- a perfect August day (I will be spending it packing for my college-bound teenager) --RunDangerously ,Frank, has had a prolific and impressive year of running!! Some highlights were - winning your age group in the Broadway Ultra Society series (and still winning);
-running VT 50 miler the weekend after the Staten Island 6 hour race (after traveling?? to Asia)!! Then in Oct. running the L.I. 6 hour b-day run!
-running NYC marathon, Stone Cat marathon, and JFK 50 miler in successive weekends!!
-running December 5Ks and hot chocolate 15K with Don and Rob!
-traveling to India (Feb 2008?), and coming home with the flu, and still managing to start to train for Umstead (even though you were sick for the Albany marathon!!), and getting your endurance up with Wurtsboro 30K, St Patrick's 10K AND Caumsett park 50K;
-running 37 mile race in March, and finishing 78 miles in Umstead, adding the Umstead 50 miler to your 50 states list!!!
-in May, running Brooklyn 1/2, followed by Greenbelt 50K followed by Pineland Farms 50 miler! Followed by Nipmuck trail marathon!
-in late June and July, racing the Norwalk 5 miler, the PCC 8 miler, followed by VT endurance run!!
-to top off July, you ran 60 miles!!! at the Wakefield 24 hour run, and then 53 miles?? at the 12 hour run...
-and as a marathon maniac, up to 70 career marathons --almost surpassing me:)
those are just the highlights I remember!! So many more running successes to you in your 46th year!!! But most of all have fun, and I still think you should write a book about Running Dangerously...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

NYRRC Team Championship -aug 16, 2008

Here are some photos from the 5 -mile NYRRC team championship --OK, so it was 93 percent humidity according to the results page but I still had a bad race ---so give it a C- realized that I am not recovered at all from the 3 ultras and big race weekend last weekend.. BUT the championships, which I have never done, get an A for socializing. Everywhere I turned, saw a familiar face ---and the women -boy were they fast!!!!
Since I am now 50, the team needed me so had to miss my favorite race, the Norwalk 11 miler --we came in second 50s team and got double points, even though we were missing nancy and Lee -our 2 fastest other veterans (ugh-I hate that word)...Frank was going to run the 11 miler but had to drive to New hampshire for the weekend, and Susan Branche was very sick so missed the 5 miler..saw a ton of ultra people -adamas, ruth, frank deleo, phil, and al --oh, and ruth, who told me not to be too hard on myself.
At the taconic tent, saw the men before we lined up, and then afterwards they had beer available --we got our photo taken by NYRRC. I ran 4 miles after with barb and karen then had to leave to drive to Hartford to pick hank up from camp.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

waveny park figure 8 race

last night, I dragged myself (as it was a beautiful night) over to Waveny park --it was august 12 and my son's b-day and the idea of racing on my childrens' birthdays is always fun (Hank was not here -he is at camp, so will celebrate next week). My quads were killing me from the weekend's effort, plus had run 6 on monday, and 5 tues a.m. with the nice weather ..but this may be my last waveny workout so felt I would miss out if I didn't go run those trails (speedwork!) and socialize!! It was figure 8, which I have never done before -so much fun. Jim lined us up in 2 groups: A-L, and M-Z. Rob and Dawn were in the first group, but my friend Ann williams was in the second. The 2 groups took off and ran 3 loops the opposite ways --so I got to see the other group, and Rob, don, scott, john K, 3 times! The fast boys got lost and some thought they needed to do one more loop so didn't sprint at the end --to be young again.
I finished, chatted with joe, rob and linda and was home by 8 to watch the olympics with Ike --beach volleyball (OK -kind of boring), swimming (butterfly and Phelps winning gold medal -amazing,amazing), synchronized diving (kind of cool) -so far gymnastics has been my favorite -who can resist watching those muscled men???

Monday, August 11, 2008

Catskill Mtn 100K relay -aug 10, 2008 -race report

Here is a photo of our 100K relay team --from left: don, frank, myriam, pam and me.
We each ran 2 legs of 10K --we are sporting our medals, as we came in second place in the mixed division --Myriam and I suspect that only 2 teams were in the mixed division but no matter -we still ran a sub 9 min. pace over extremely hilly terrain, and had a blast!!! After all that work, I was greatly relieved that we did in fact WIN medals! Don, Frank and I planned to drive up to the start of the relay's leg 4 (near Phonecia off rte 28) yesterday morning. Myriam would run the first leg, Pam the second and third (for marathon training)...well, we got to the start of leg 4 too late!! (9:15 a.m.) and Pam had kept going --Frank jumped out of the car and took her place as it was his leg ---and what elevation --he had to climb 1,000 -plus feet up a twisting mountain right out of the car! I drove Don to start of leg 5, where he would run, and came back to support Frank -I told him, when he was climbing the hill that it was 'all downhill from here'--whoops -he had more climbing to do --since I was driving I underestimated the climb. Don had a nice flat leg BUT it started to pour rain -Myriam then ran leg 6 in driving rain (hence her comment about feeling like she was in a wet-t-shirt contest) ---I then started my leg in the humid, sunny weather --it was just beautiful!! I climbed a rolling hill, and then ran down and into a real catskill town, with covered bridge and farmer's market. I handed off to Frank who had scenic but rolling terrain ---I again supported him and told him that he had a 1/4 mile to go, when he really had .8 --he will never listen to my mileage estimations again! better yet,he needs a GPS watch. Then a tired Don took off on a narrow stretch of road along the Peekamoose river --Frank and I drove ahead and thought we were lost --we had to ask some older people if 'runners had gone by'.
Now, throughout this whole day, we were the second-to-last team, so no one was on the roads!! It was a surreal experience (our time was the same as other teams, but we started later). Don appeared at the checkpoint and finally it was my turn to run the final leg!! After 10 miles at a 7 min pace yesterday, it was difficult to get going --it was humid and I couldn't breathe, and felt all alone. The team, though, came back to support me and told me that I had less than a mile to go. Frank even offered to run for me if I wanted to stop! Bu i was finally warmed up and I ran in.. we had missed the awards ceremony but did get our medals, and had some beer and food -it was just a great, wouldn't I love to run that course as a 100K ultra??? NOT -running 12.4 miles of it was perfect. See Frank's blog for Don's report and photos!

Southwest Cafe Sunset 5K -Sat, aug 9 at 7 p.m.

On Saturday afternoon,after the Westport Summer series, I found myself all alone for the night --my husband and kids were all up in Canada (driving home Sunday) --I had several choices ---go watch the Olympics with an injured John, go into NYC to see my parents (but had spent the day with them Thursday and Friday), see a movie alone, stay home and read OR go to another race (hello-how often is a saturday night race on a night when I have my freedom?).BUT I had run the Westport series in a 7:05 -pushing my body alittle harder than I should have (to have a chance at winning a t-shirt), so wasn't sure how I would feel that night running. But I knew all my friends would be there, and knew Sharon was racing (see photo of her modeling t-shirt and she ended up winning also), the weather was beautiful, and Ridgefield is fun and an easy drive. Plus, margaritas after and food! So @5 I drove up and as luck would have it, met Sharon and we ran 2 miles together (told her I needed to go slowly!)--I got to hear about her Beach-to-beacon experience! We ran part of the course which was a beautiful shaded out and back road, among nice houses. At 7 we lined up, and I knew tons of people including Joe Laskey, who is running Leadville 100 this week. 2 men recognized me from the Westport race that morning, so I wasn't the only crazy person.
I started out somewhat slowly, and watched Sharon pull ahead (told her she would win, and she did) --I actually felt good at a 7 min. pace and ended up finishing 3rd woman overall in 21:30? Now, I somewhat forgot that I had to do 12 miles of a hilly relay on Sunday! After I finished, changed and socialized --Matt bought me a margarita ..
they gave away chili pepper paperweights as prizes, and Sharon won a chili-pepper wreath...and then Sharon, Jim, John, Brian and John's father went to the restaurant's terrace and had drinks and appetizers --it was a gorgeous night to sit outside and a good time was had by all. I recommend this race and the course --beautiful and shaded...lots of good drinks and food after, and a raffle! I had alot of fun, except I didn't get home until 10:30 and had to get up and get ready for the 100K relay -oops.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Catskill mtn relay photos --aug 10, 2008

we had a team of 5 runners for this 100K relay, and each ran 2 legs of 10K apiece --Myriam, Don, Frank, Pam and myself -report later! A good time was had by all, despite the long day, hills and rain, and we came in second in the mixed 5-person division!! We were late getting to the start of leg began the exciting day!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Westport Summer Series -Aug. 9

The Westport Summer series races, which happen every weekend in the summer at progressively longer distances, are my favorite to do (after the Norwalk summer series, of course) --first of all, all of our friends show up as they make great Sat a.m. training runs and tempo runs, beautiful flat (generally --not today's course)courses from Compo Beach ---and overall winners (who haven't won before) get t-shirts and series age-group winners get shirts after the 10 miler. But the shirts are besides the point ---these are great courses, and a good way to fit in speedwork. I couldn't fit in any more this summer --should have done July 5, and could have done July 12- maybe can do Aug 23 (if packed up for Andrew) and the 10 miler..this a.m. was a gorgeous morning --I had tossed and turned last night because put my son on a plane to canada for the weekend and worry about my kids traveling alone (he did call unexpectedy at 10 p.m. from Montreal as his cell phone worked). So, didn't want to get up -but since I am getting back into speedwork decided to use this 6.85 mile run as a tempo run. It is one of my favorite courses -I won 2 years ago on Aug 12 -my middle son's birthday -and just happen to remember that --but 2 years ago my pace per mile was 30 seconds faster! and it was a day when no faster women showed up...
At the start, Frank, Rob ,Don, and I all talked --and I saw Carol kane (coming back from surgery), Gail, Joe, and Michael from Scarsdale! I saw Dawn quickly but didn't get a chance to say hello --knew she would be out racing!! I started out alittle too fast --6:50 pace (trying to keep up with heidi but only works for a few miles:)), and after about 3 miles, quickly slowed ---then we came to a hill!! My achilles also was acting up and I have 2 very hilly legs of the catskill relay tommorrow.
That slowed me ---Rob and Frank were right behind me....finished in a steady 7 min pace for 48:20 ---afterwards Rob went swimming, and Frank sat in the lifeguard chair (see photos) and guarded him. I didn't know Rob was a swimmer...
See Frank's blog for more photos..on a different note, my friend Anthony just called about meeting up on the AT to hike with Karl meltzer, who is speed-hiking the AT (47 miles a day) (he invited him and Brennen)--the updates are vague,but Anthony thinks he is going to hit Route 9D (NY State -Bear mtn) on the 17th day --Maine was rainy and set him behind --,so the 17th day would be Thursday August if we can pinpoint where he will be, it would be fun to hike with him for 5 or so miles, and meet his dog!.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Taconic biathlon -aug 3

I dragged myself up this morning to my favorite event --the Taconic RRC summer biathlon --a low-key run 3 miles-swim 1/2 mile event ---since this is what I do almost every day -run followed by a swim, I figured I could get through it after a 45 mile run without much damage --it turns out that the weather was so gorgeous, and humidity low after yesterday that I felt good on the run. I started in the back of the back with Lee and l slowly passed a bunch of teenagers (who couldn't run fast but could swim like no tommorrow) --this is a beautiful rolling course from Sycamore Lake (complete with Cat Tails and Queen Annes lace) which goes out an back and finishes on the beach of the lake.--I finished in 23:50 and took off running shoes, put goggles on (had just worn bathing suit to run) and walked in --wow! warm and beautiful temps. The swimming part is not as easy as it sounds because you are breathing heavily from the run and also my arms ere tired from running --but I felt good and remembered to use my legs to kick (which don't do in training) -we rounded 2 orange bouys then straight shot in --I had to breast-stroke around a few me ho were 'drowning' --done in 12 minutes, for total time of 36 or so minutes. Because top triathlete Julie cook (also 50) came in second overall, I won my age group and got a fun towel. Saw Lisa from Wolfpit RC and saw all the taconic people... Lee did awesome -Ed stood in water taking photos of people diving in.

Joe Kleinerman 12 hour run -aug 2, 2008

Well, first, here are some photos from the humid, wet and soggy 12 hour run.
I picked up Frank and Rob at 6:10 and we got to Crocheron Park easily by 7, thanks to Rob's GPS device and EZ pass. I was not by any stretch of the imagination ready to pound the pavement for 12 hours and Ritchie said he would give me my money back -in any case, I decided to go with it (as any mileage would do -had to put in 47 laps of a shaded .9 mile course to do 45 miles, to count for points).--Rob really wanted to run 62 miles, and Frank over 50. The highlight of the morning was the Utra society hall of fame induction! See Frank's blog photos. I started out so slowly that by 11 a.m. Frank was 5 miles ahead of me -I walked with Lydia, Barbara, and anyone else walking. I thenpicked it up and ran about 4 miles with Phil --by about 20 miles, was ready to quit --especially when Barbara quit. After awhile, Frank was taking walk breaks and allowed me to walk with him:)
The heavens opened up when we were out on a loop and we sprinted toward the gazebo -completely sopping wet. Everyone hid under the gazebo and Ritchie suspended the race for 20 min because of lightning --the funniest thing was that everyone sprinted out like they were in a 5K when he finally re-started the race. Around 4:15, I ad done 39 laps and decided to jog the last 7 laps and get it over with. Frank was walking with a woman and I finished and just didn't want to walk anymore so couldn't join them...I was happ as a clam to put my feet up and sit by the scoring table.
Rob was in a zone and finished 60 miles --awesome!!! He would have done more had they not had the rain delay. Frank did 51?? and me only 45, practically coming in last for the women...w3e then had pizza and got awards and got poor stiff Rob in the car -and surprize --it poured rain on way home!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

weekend thoughts -August training

well, the next three weeks will hopefully be short-race weeks (photos above from the 2007 TRR run-swim, and the 2007 Turkey swamp 50k)...time to finally get rid of the nagging achilles problem. Tommorrow is the B.U.S. 12 hour run, which is on a 1 mile track --now imagine that --to do 62 miles (100K), one has to do 62 laps of the loop in the hot August sun. Ritchie shortened the June 14 50 miler because of a myriad of problems including cricket games, boy scout picnics (on the course)and severe heat and humidity ---maybe he will do so tommorrow. I have always done B.U.S. events to be with my friends, for the training, and because they are 'there' --but this year, the training cycle is such that I am tired:) and one has to make it 45 miles to count --as Frank pointed out, it's a DNF if you don't do 45 miles --but maybe that will be changed. I really don't care, as m last 2 weeks of training -the 100, and the 50, have sufficiently beat me up and are good enough training for the Aug 24 Greenlakes endurance run 50K!. Last year was Ralph's run, which I made it through --30 miles in 95 degree heat. That's where I met Grant and Bob and got to run with Ellen McCurtin. Think Frank was away on business and Rob bagged it because of the heat. This year they will run the 12 hour. Last year was the first year I pushed the envelope in terms of long walk/runs by doing them 4 weekends in a row: 55, 75, 30, and 31 On Sunday, will do the Taconic road runners club run-swim biathlon just for fun. Since I routinely swim 3 miles a week, am trained but still -open water swimming is alot different than pool swimming -plus you swim after running so your heart rate is up. and have to hold head up more.
Next weekend is the Catskill Mountain relay with Myriam, Pam, Frank and Don --looking forward to the scenery and to the social part but not to the hills. We will each do 10K times 2, split up on roller-coaster roads like Wurtsboro 30K.
Then august 16 will probably be the Norwalk summer series 11 miler.
Then enroute to Rochester, Greenlakes endurance run --we'll see how this works out, as alot going on that weekend -nothing the next week as we don't start school now until sept 8 -ugh.

Things are so quiet here --when my teenager is not working, he is gone very to friends' houses (he just left for the weekend)--I only have ike, as Hank at camp. I miss my friends terribly ---my running friend Susan just left for the Vineyard -was hoping she might invite me!! and John is up in project I am starting to think about with Anthony P. is a race in late November 2009 --he wants to organize a 100 mile run in Westchester --we'll see. (Frozen turkeys for all finishers:)
I will talk to a few organizations about it next week!