Sunday, August 3, 2008

Joe Kleinerman 12 hour run -aug 2, 2008

Well, first, here are some photos from the humid, wet and soggy 12 hour run.
I picked up Frank and Rob at 6:10 and we got to Crocheron Park easily by 7, thanks to Rob's GPS device and EZ pass. I was not by any stretch of the imagination ready to pound the pavement for 12 hours and Ritchie said he would give me my money back -in any case, I decided to go with it (as any mileage would do -had to put in 47 laps of a shaded .9 mile course to do 45 miles, to count for points).--Rob really wanted to run 62 miles, and Frank over 50. The highlight of the morning was the Utra society hall of fame induction! See Frank's blog photos. I started out so slowly that by 11 a.m. Frank was 5 miles ahead of me -I walked with Lydia, Barbara, and anyone else walking. I thenpicked it up and ran about 4 miles with Phil --by about 20 miles, was ready to quit --especially when Barbara quit. After awhile, Frank was taking walk breaks and allowed me to walk with him:)
The heavens opened up when we were out on a loop and we sprinted toward the gazebo -completely sopping wet. Everyone hid under the gazebo and Ritchie suspended the race for 20 min because of lightning --the funniest thing was that everyone sprinted out like they were in a 5K when he finally re-started the race. Around 4:15, I ad done 39 laps and decided to jog the last 7 laps and get it over with. Frank was walking with a woman and I finished and just didn't want to walk anymore so couldn't join them...I was happ as a clam to put my feet up and sit by the scoring table.
Rob was in a zone and finished 60 miles --awesome!!! He would have done more had they not had the rain delay. Frank did 51?? and me only 45, practically coming in last for the women...w3e then had pizza and got awards and got poor stiff Rob in the car -and surprize --it poured rain on way home!!!


Anonymous said...

"Only" 45 ... Emmy?!? Come on. That is 38.8 more than I did yesterday. Cut yourself some slack and pat yourself on the back. Your accomplishments over the last month are amazing.

Meredith said...

Good job Emmy. Don't your legs ever get tired? I'd still be recovering from VT :)

Laura said...

Wow, Emmy, I can't believe you already did another 12 hour so soon after Around the Lake! Great job!