Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Case of the Missing Keys -Westport 10 miler -8/30

Ironically, me demonstrating yoga in front of my ill-fated keys!

The Westport summer series has a cardboard 'key' box , where runners can toss their car keys during the race. It's a great idea if you are sure which car keys are yours...and if you have an unusual car (like Rob's Miata) but I have a Volvo like 60 percent of the runners --and I apparently have the same black 'NYCM' key chain as another runner as we each took each other's keys -whoops....and this has happened before, according to Jim G. ---so moral of the story -make sure you know which are your keys. Did she take mine first??? I can only guess.
This morning was the series-ending Westport summer series 10 miler (ran slow!! achilles bothering me and also feel sluggish so just wanted to run as a training run), running were Frank, Dawn, Ron, Ronnie B., Alicia, Don and was pouring rain last night and I was tempted to stay home but would have missed seeing my friends -plus, would have run easy anyway) any case,I ran with Alicia and Ronnie and the time went by quickly --the leaves on the trees were changing! The last mile didn't seem so bad but i didn't have anything to give --nevertheless, I passed Don, finished, and saw Frank taking photos (see Frank's blog for photos )went inside, grabbed 'my car keys' and went to the car to get my bag and change. Another woman had grabbed mine, went to her car and couldn't start it -she brought the back and an announcement was made (did anyone take some Volvo keys by mistake?)--I never heard it (although Rob did) and even if I did, I would have no reason to think that mine weren't my own!! So when my car didn't start, I had my husband (a stroke of luck that he was home) drive up some keys. Now I have to track down that other woman and exchange keys --this could only happen to me.
While I was in the parking lot, Jim also had car trouble --his battery died.
and after a walk, i came back to see the last finisher of the race -a fat ground hog (see photo):)


DawnB said...

Gees Emmy I heard the annoucement, I was waiting to turn in my stick. But I had no idea. I'm glad it wasn't the usual hot humid day. I like cool and steamy better. Didn't help my time much but I felt good.

Just_because_today said...

ground hog and it's not even February yet!
That was a funny story with the keys. I'm sure your husband was a happy camper having to drive you a set of keys to a race

Laura said...

Really funny about the keys, though I'm sorry for your troubles!

CTmarathoner said...

Myriam --my husband was mad at me for going to the race to begin with, so you can imagine how mad he was having to drive up some keys:(