Saturday, August 16, 2008

NYRRC Team Championship -aug 16, 2008

Here are some photos from the 5 -mile NYRRC team championship --OK, so it was 93 percent humidity according to the results page but I still had a bad race ---so give it a C- realized that I am not recovered at all from the 3 ultras and big race weekend last weekend.. BUT the championships, which I have never done, get an A for socializing. Everywhere I turned, saw a familiar face ---and the women -boy were they fast!!!!
Since I am now 50, the team needed me so had to miss my favorite race, the Norwalk 11 miler --we came in second 50s team and got double points, even though we were missing nancy and Lee -our 2 fastest other veterans (ugh-I hate that word)...Frank was going to run the 11 miler but had to drive to New hampshire for the weekend, and Susan Branche was very sick so missed the 5 miler..saw a ton of ultra people -adamas, ruth, frank deleo, phil, and al --oh, and ruth, who told me not to be too hard on myself.
At the taconic tent, saw the men before we lined up, and then afterwards they had beer available --we got our photo taken by NYRRC. I ran 4 miles after with barb and karen then had to leave to drive to Hartford to pick hank up from camp.


Just_because_today said...

as far as I'm concerned, that is why I belong to a club (or why I founded one :)) socializing is the best part of racing. Glass of wine in hand too!

AnthonyP said...

Good to see you had a fun time. 50 ? You run as if you are 20.

DawnB said...

You did great Emmy, having just one of your bad race would make my day :)

Ryan said...

Cheers to a great race and for having a great time that's what it's all about!