Saturday, August 9, 2008

Westport Summer Series -Aug. 9

The Westport Summer series races, which happen every weekend in the summer at progressively longer distances, are my favorite to do (after the Norwalk summer series, of course) --first of all, all of our friends show up as they make great Sat a.m. training runs and tempo runs, beautiful flat (generally --not today's course)courses from Compo Beach ---and overall winners (who haven't won before) get t-shirts and series age-group winners get shirts after the 10 miler. But the shirts are besides the point ---these are great courses, and a good way to fit in speedwork. I couldn't fit in any more this summer --should have done July 5, and could have done July 12- maybe can do Aug 23 (if packed up for Andrew) and the 10 miler..this a.m. was a gorgeous morning --I had tossed and turned last night because put my son on a plane to canada for the weekend and worry about my kids traveling alone (he did call unexpectedy at 10 p.m. from Montreal as his cell phone worked). So, didn't want to get up -but since I am getting back into speedwork decided to use this 6.85 mile run as a tempo run. It is one of my favorite courses -I won 2 years ago on Aug 12 -my middle son's birthday -and just happen to remember that --but 2 years ago my pace per mile was 30 seconds faster! and it was a day when no faster women showed up...
At the start, Frank, Rob ,Don, and I all talked --and I saw Carol kane (coming back from surgery), Gail, Joe, and Michael from Scarsdale! I saw Dawn quickly but didn't get a chance to say hello --knew she would be out racing!! I started out alittle too fast --6:50 pace (trying to keep up with heidi but only works for a few miles:)), and after about 3 miles, quickly slowed ---then we came to a hill!! My achilles also was acting up and I have 2 very hilly legs of the catskill relay tommorrow.
That slowed me ---Rob and Frank were right behind me....finished in a steady 7 min pace for 48:20 ---afterwards Rob went swimming, and Frank sat in the lifeguard chair (see photos) and guarded him. I didn't know Rob was a swimmer...
See Frank's blog for more photos..on a different note, my friend Anthony just called about meeting up on the AT to hike with Karl meltzer, who is speed-hiking the AT (47 miles a day) (he invited him and Brennen)--the updates are vague,but Anthony thinks he is going to hit Route 9D (NY State -Bear mtn) on the 17th day --Maine was rainy and set him behind --,so the 17th day would be Thursday August if we can pinpoint where he will be, it would be fun to hike with him for 5 or so miles, and meet his dog!.

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