Friday, August 1, 2008

weekend thoughts -August training

well, the next three weeks will hopefully be short-race weeks (photos above from the 2007 TRR run-swim, and the 2007 Turkey swamp 50k)...time to finally get rid of the nagging achilles problem. Tommorrow is the B.U.S. 12 hour run, which is on a 1 mile track --now imagine that --to do 62 miles (100K), one has to do 62 laps of the loop in the hot August sun. Ritchie shortened the June 14 50 miler because of a myriad of problems including cricket games, boy scout picnics (on the course)and severe heat and humidity ---maybe he will do so tommorrow. I have always done B.U.S. events to be with my friends, for the training, and because they are 'there' --but this year, the training cycle is such that I am tired:) and one has to make it 45 miles to count --as Frank pointed out, it's a DNF if you don't do 45 miles --but maybe that will be changed. I really don't care, as m last 2 weeks of training -the 100, and the 50, have sufficiently beat me up and are good enough training for the Aug 24 Greenlakes endurance run 50K!. Last year was Ralph's run, which I made it through --30 miles in 95 degree heat. That's where I met Grant and Bob and got to run with Ellen McCurtin. Think Frank was away on business and Rob bagged it because of the heat. This year they will run the 12 hour. Last year was the first year I pushed the envelope in terms of long walk/runs by doing them 4 weekends in a row: 55, 75, 30, and 31 On Sunday, will do the Taconic road runners club run-swim biathlon just for fun. Since I routinely swim 3 miles a week, am trained but still -open water swimming is alot different than pool swimming -plus you swim after running so your heart rate is up. and have to hold head up more.
Next weekend is the Catskill Mountain relay with Myriam, Pam, Frank and Don --looking forward to the scenery and to the social part but not to the hills. We will each do 10K times 2, split up on roller-coaster roads like Wurtsboro 30K.
Then august 16 will probably be the Norwalk summer series 11 miler.
Then enroute to Rochester, Greenlakes endurance run --we'll see how this works out, as alot going on that weekend -nothing the next week as we don't start school now until sept 8 -ugh.

Things are so quiet here --when my teenager is not working, he is gone very to friends' houses (he just left for the weekend)--I only have ike, as Hank at camp. I miss my friends terribly ---my running friend Susan just left for the Vineyard -was hoping she might invite me!! and John is up in project I am starting to think about with Anthony P. is a race in late November 2009 --he wants to organize a 100 mile run in Westchester --we'll see. (Frozen turkeys for all finishers:)
I will talk to a few organizations about it next week!


Meredith said...

You are a busy girl :) I thought that was a new picture of you and Tim and got excited that he came out of retirement or where ever he is, but then saw it was last year :(

CTmarathoner said...

meredith --must e-mail Tim and see what he is up to!!! seeing his photo reminds me that the last time I saw him was last fall!

DawnB said...

You're going to have a pretty busy August. I'll see you at the 11 miler hopefully things will be a little better for me by then