Monday, July 28, 2008

photos from the NYC 1/2 marathon

yesterday morning I dragged myself into the city to cheer on the World Lung Foundation runners (Frank, Pam, Ilana)and other runners in the NYC 1/2 and ended up running the last 5 miles with Frank -from central Park South to battery Park (sans finish line)
and through Times Square! Having just run 50 miles in the night, I wasn't too speedy -a 9 min. pace seemed fast --but I was impressed by the pace Frank kept after his 60 mile fortay --I can't wait to actually run this race offically....hope they do change it to next March.


Anonymous said...

Emmy - you were quite the trooper to come down after the night before (and the VT 100). Any pace faster than a snail would have been a good day! Thanks for the kind words on Frank's blog. Much appreciated. Looking forward to the relay!

Tammy said...


You are a running machine...What do you eat??? Because I need some! I have been slogging around since VT100 (Boy am I glad I have the laziest dog ever and my cats are happy to nap their lives away indoors).

I would suggest you rest and relax, but maybe I should suggest you go run an insanely long race!


DawnB said...

I would do the race again just Time Square!!!

Bob Gentile said...

Great Pics!!