Sunday, July 27, 2008

Run around the Lake 24 hour ultra --July 25-26, 2008

Crazy to do a long run after VT?? Yes, but I was in the Ultra mode and I really just walked...Anyway, I have one hour here to pack for my son --at 2:30 will drive him up to Hartford (actually near Ashford)for 3 weeks' camp --so will make this brief -and continue tomm --(as tired as I am, don't mind the drive as he just got back from Costa Rica and so want to hear all about his trip --the frustrating thing is that he gave away the entire contents of his backpack --sandals, Nike flip-flops ,soccer shorts, every shirt and hat -now he has nothing to wear:( ) will write up a more detailed report tomm ...the bottom line was that I told Frank I would go up there and crew/run with him if he wanted to run, if he wants t do the 6 day race next April, this is good training!
So, the Wakefield '24 hour' was a success --the weather was actually petty nice. It was a switch this year -Frank was running shirtless at night and I was freezing (had stopped to rest for an hour)! Frank ended up running 60 miles -- a good compromise between 50 and 75 as he ran 13.1 miles this a.m., and needed to save some. I ran 50.56 (maybe 51 when you count walking around in parking lot;)) --most of it was walking. The timing was good as we were out of there by 12:30 (17 hours after race started) and I was home by 4. I have no idea how I did -probably last in the 24 hour as there were at least 5 ladies out there with 60 or so when we left at noon. We both agree that we wouldn't do it next year unless prepared to go 90-100 miles, as by the time you spend $$ on entry and gas, might as well put in the most miles possible !!! --but still, it worked out well as we did push the envelope after VT and while I was exhausted by the marathon mark, I ended up going twice that distance slowly!! (15 hours for 50 miles) ---the best part of the whole race was that my ultra-friend Jody Reicher (Phil McCarthy's friend)
had a guy crewing for her who had rigged an ice bath in a big plastic garbage can. I sat in that numbing cold for 30 minutes while Frank ran his last loops--it chilled all the muscle and blister pain and I felt like a million dollars when i got out. Now thinking we should set one up a the 12 hour -seriously:)

We ran into Friday afternoon traffic (the race started at 7 p.m.)going up as the earliest Frank could leave was 2:30 - I called the race director on my cell , told her we may miss the start and she was really nice and registered us beforehand....I wasn't even going to enter but you know me If I am at a race, might as well put a bib on and walk-I was just so fatigued from VT -wasn't really into pushing myself at all. We got there at 6:50 (over 4 hours) while everyone was lining up and listening to pre-race talk...we had no time to do anything --I had to tape my feet, change my clothes, go to bathroom, unpack car -forget about all of that. We put our shoes on and walked the first loop --Frank said we should get going and warm up and then come back and organize the that was good.
He then started running and I was going to catch up with him but somehow didn't --I ended up doing the marathon distance alone -mostly walk-run,
and when I did 8 laps, sat and waited for Frank (he had also been looking/waiting for me). This was a nice hour break --then he came around and we walked a couple loops with a marathon maniac guy ---finally Honey dew donuts was open (4 a.m.) so I went in and bought some coffee -then we took a 45 nap at the car -me lying in back, Frank in front seat ---by miles 41 I had had it, but wanted to do 50 -so close. we actually ran 2 loops to miles 44 and 47, and then Frank walked my last loop with me --then while e did 2 loops, I jumped in the hotel pool, organized the car, and sat in the ice bath
Still tired today --got up and went into the half marathon and ran 5 miles of it from central park to times square -
big news -read in Jim's Greenwich Time running column that they are going to have the NYC half in MARCH 2009, as summer conflicts with too many elite road races.
This way, the elites can use it as a tune up for Boston or London or whatever... so looks like we will get another chance to run it in the spring.


Meredith said...

I cannot believe you guys went to this race! You are super woman, Emmy!!!! I want your legs.

Just_because_today said...

woooooooooow....another one of those are my heroe!

Bob Gentile said...

Like I said on Frank's blog, you guys are logging those miles big time...I really need to step it up :-)

HUGE Congrats Emmy!!! Your having an awesome running year!

CTmarathoner said...

thanks meredith, myriam, bob ---sometimes I do get a little carried away. However, this proved to me that I can handle longer distances if go slowly. I would never do that again (50 miles the weekend after a tough 100 miler)...yes, it's true!!!!

Laura said...

Wow, Emmy, congratulations! Sorry I didn't make it there but hopefully I'll catch up to you and Frank at a race eventually.

Ryan said...

Great blog and photos and congratulations on ur VT100 finish. Making 24 Around the Lake the recovery way-to-go...nice job putting in more miles. I think I saw you two on a few laps my car was just a couple rows down. Happy to hear you enjoyed the race. Looking forward to following more of ur running adventures.