Saturday, July 12, 2008

dso concert at Governor's island -July 11

I decided to go to this concert (as was invited by running friends) the night after driving into Radio City music hall with Christine so it was 2 late nights in a row!! But more than worth it, even if I did miss the Norwalk summer series this a.m. (let me just say that I shouldn't have raced it anyway --I just missed seeing our friends, and maybe helping Don out). This Friday night concert was a special outdoor concert on Governor's Island, at the very tip of manhattan. It was a perfect night to take a ferry ride over to the island and chill out and relax and listen to some Grateful dead music The distressing part of the concert was driving in -the FDR was bumper-to-bumper with traffic heading over the Queensboro bridge to LI...then free and clear sailing and got a parking spot right near the ferry --it was so much fun going over, with tye-dyed concert-goers -young and old alike!! Plenty of kids and 20-some kids --most of the males wearing tye dye!!! And, we got to see all the waterfall sculptures. We got to the concert area and Green tea leaf was playing -I had a beer and read and talked to Paul, an ardent dso fan ---the band came n at 7:30 and was awesome, but the set not as good as Westbury (last may 29)--ramble on rose, playin in the band, estimated prophet were some of the really good ones --about 10:15, during a long drum solo, it was time to take the ferry back!!! No traffic coming home-and thank goodness I had that nice parking spot:) The ferry ride view of the lighted bridges and buildings was phenomenal.


Scott said...

Cool. Outdoor summer concerts rock...

Tammy said...

Outdoor concerts are so nice (particularly when the weather is good).

I hope you are going to catch up on your sleep later this week, I believe you have only 6 days til Vermont 100!

Good luck,
Tammy (fellow Usmtead and VT100-er)

Just_because_today said...

Cool. Sorry you missed Donna Summer though! It was awesome!!! Gotta come to Bethel Woods soon.

CTmarathoner said...

thanks Scott!
Tammy --I am so excited you are doing VT -rest up this week
Myriam -hope you had fun at Donna Summer --I know I missed a good concert.