Friday, July 4, 2008

Putnam County Classic follow-up

Thank you to all my friends who came out and ran this race, including Rob, Don, Frank, and Pam, Barbara and to all the volunteers/supporters and my co-race director, Lee, who is so great to work with! and she has 2 grandbabies about to be born!!!
(Had one of them come July 4, it would have been me and her husband ed).
The race was a big success (although we missed the new canaan and Milford races).
We had 300 finishers, according to Karen and her race scoring committee. I gave Frank a ride and we arrived at 6:30 --he helped unload t-shirt boxes (we ran out as I stupidly only ordered 275), and watermelons and soda from Lee's car --as 7 a.m. approached, the race registration table started to get busy. Lee brought July 4 decorations from the party store -stupidly I forgot to put in the car my cheering pom poms. . At 7:30, we had quite a long line but since race day reg was $20, it was fairly easy to make change! Frank went to the trailer and got last year's Ts as we were running out of new ones. Alex and his HAM radio volunteers came, introduced themselves and what a big help they were right off the bat! First, they pointed out that the ambulance was late, so we called (it was on its way). Then, they produced a course map that was great ---the club didn't have one, so the policeman took 2 copies of theirs! At about 7:45, we helped with reg. and then soon it was time to line up --a light rain was falling so we were concerned with that but otherwise it was good weather for running! better than hot. Ed, Lee's husband, started the race after calling to make sure the bathroom line was clear and all runners were at the start ---Ted's daughter and I got a ride to the corner of 6N, where I happened to see My brother Bobby's salsa truck coming to the race finish!! Robert stopped traffic for us, by simply stopping his truck!! so all the runners could go through on the busier street. Then I helped with mile 7, and saw Frank, Rob, Don and pam in the last mile. Took a photo of 'old glory' ---the HAM guy biked by and around, and then the bike sweeper called and said a teenager had sprained her ankle and couldn't walk -so I told the policeman and he had the other officer give her a ride ---then I went to the finish where saw all the food spread out -we went through 14 dozen bagels and 15 watermelons....awards were fun and then clean up was fairly easy -I was out of there by 10:45! lee and I learned alot for next year but thankfully everything went smoothly --photos to be posted sunday.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME job Emmy. You, Lee, the volunteers all put on an excellent job. THANK YOU!

Scott said...

Cool! Looks like it was a successful race! Great job!