Monday, August 11, 2008

Southwest Cafe Sunset 5K -Sat, aug 9 at 7 p.m.

On Saturday afternoon,after the Westport Summer series, I found myself all alone for the night --my husband and kids were all up in Canada (driving home Sunday) --I had several choices ---go watch the Olympics with an injured John, go into NYC to see my parents (but had spent the day with them Thursday and Friday), see a movie alone, stay home and read OR go to another race (hello-how often is a saturday night race on a night when I have my freedom?).BUT I had run the Westport series in a 7:05 -pushing my body alittle harder than I should have (to have a chance at winning a t-shirt), so wasn't sure how I would feel that night running. But I knew all my friends would be there, and knew Sharon was racing (see photo of her modeling t-shirt and she ended up winning also), the weather was beautiful, and Ridgefield is fun and an easy drive. Plus, margaritas after and food! So @5 I drove up and as luck would have it, met Sharon and we ran 2 miles together (told her I needed to go slowly!)--I got to hear about her Beach-to-beacon experience! We ran part of the course which was a beautiful shaded out and back road, among nice houses. At 7 we lined up, and I knew tons of people including Joe Laskey, who is running Leadville 100 this week. 2 men recognized me from the Westport race that morning, so I wasn't the only crazy person.
I started out somewhat slowly, and watched Sharon pull ahead (told her she would win, and she did) --I actually felt good at a 7 min. pace and ended up finishing 3rd woman overall in 21:30? Now, I somewhat forgot that I had to do 12 miles of a hilly relay on Sunday! After I finished, changed and socialized --Matt bought me a margarita ..
they gave away chili pepper paperweights as prizes, and Sharon won a chili-pepper wreath...and then Sharon, Jim, John, Brian and John's father went to the restaurant's terrace and had drinks and appetizers --it was a gorgeous night to sit outside and a good time was had by all. I recommend this race and the course --beautiful and shaded...lots of good drinks and food after, and a raffle! I had alot of fun, except I didn't get home until 10:30 and had to get up and get ready for the 100K relay -oops.


rundangerously said...

omg - if you just would have told me about those post-race margaritas!! i'm sooo bummed i didn't get to go :(

DawnB said...

was a little toughter than I remembered last year!! the weather was great. Congrats on you 3rd overall, you rocked!!