Wednesday, August 13, 2008

waveny park figure 8 race

last night, I dragged myself (as it was a beautiful night) over to Waveny park --it was august 12 and my son's b-day and the idea of racing on my childrens' birthdays is always fun (Hank was not here -he is at camp, so will celebrate next week). My quads were killing me from the weekend's effort, plus had run 6 on monday, and 5 tues a.m. with the nice weather ..but this may be my last waveny workout so felt I would miss out if I didn't go run those trails (speedwork!) and socialize!! It was figure 8, which I have never done before -so much fun. Jim lined us up in 2 groups: A-L, and M-Z. Rob and Dawn were in the first group, but my friend Ann williams was in the second. The 2 groups took off and ran 3 loops the opposite ways --so I got to see the other group, and Rob, don, scott, john K, 3 times! The fast boys got lost and some thought they needed to do one more loop so didn't sprint at the end --to be young again.
I finished, chatted with joe, rob and linda and was home by 8 to watch the olympics with Ike --beach volleyball (OK -kind of boring), swimming (butterfly and Phelps winning gold medal -amazing,amazing), synchronized diving (kind of cool) -so far gymnastics has been my favorite -who can resist watching those muscled men???


Just_because_today said...

I agree with you on the gymnastics and those bodies!

DawnB said...

when I first did the firgure 8 it was very confusing but I think jim have gotten it to a good point now. You did great Emmy after after all the races you did this weekend. what a beautiful evening it was.

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea ... kind of nice to see other runners while racing, right? :)