Monday, September 1, 2008

photos from Nike Human race -aug 31

Last night's Nike human race 10K was a fiasco of a race but I had fun just the same partaking in this event of 10,000 runners --it was a gorgeous night. I went into the city early (thus getting in trouble for not bringing my kids, who didn't want to go anyway)to an art gallery, book store, etc.and had a great time walking across the bridge and back --the lights of the city were just addition to jogging this 6.2 mile claustropobic race in a 9 minute pace, the walking added up to 3 miles, probably! I felt physically tired and wondered if I would rally to run New Haven...the best part about the race also was a one-hour concert after,by the All American Rejects,complete with fireworks. The race itself was a disaster, with way too many people crammed into the sidewalks of Randall's island ---the only one I knew besides Frank was Ruth!!! But our friend Jill V. won for the women! I suspect these were corporate and beginner runners -oh, an the race started 1/2 late -inexcuseable.
I would do this event again, but not the night before New haven --I actually would have had a great time watching in Icahn stadium or volunteering! But as I said, walking over is the best pat --here are my photos of the red runners witing or bus and port-o-john!

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Just_because_today said...

why is everyone in red?????
why did you get in trouble and with whom? that should be a separate post