Friday, September 26, 2008

Dahlia show at Garden Ed. Center -9/26

And now for something completely non -running related...the colors and shapes of Dahlias have always captured my attention as a painter, and in the yards of Normandy, where my mother-in-law lives, Dahlias grow in all shapes and fact my mother-in-law is a champion Dahlia-grower, and when we visit in August I try and take advantage of sketching those gorgeous flowers.
So decided to drop into the first annual Greenwich Garden Education center Dalia show to take some photos--free, colorful and fun. These photos show some of the prize-winning flowers -one that won first was called 'purple velvet, and it does look like velvet. Now time to get to work and do something with the photos...

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Runner Tammy said...

What beautiful flowers! Do Dahlia's have a really nice smell? I am not up on my flowers, although I sure take alot of pictures of pretty ones during races.

I did not know you are an artist and do you sketch animals as well or just items that stay put?