Monday, September 29, 2008

Ted Corbitt 24 hour race --needs runners and volunteers

Hard to believe that the B.U.S. 24 hour run is coming up this Saturday ---10 a.m. in Juniper Park, Queens (right off Van Wyck)...while I not sure what kind of miles I will want to do, will definately participate in one way or is not too late to sign up. Ritchie needs volunteers also in this labor-intensive (read -food, lap counters!!!!!!!!!! they need lap counters) event. If you do want to come and even run for part of te event and volunteer it promises to be an experience you will never forget. Here is the information on contacting Ritchie, plus info on the event on
Frank's blog
entry form link

Pictured above is my friend Jody Lynn, who ran 110 miles at a 24 hour race in July!!
see how much FUN she is having??


Just_because_today said...

uhhh, Emmy...I still have to pass and wonder how can that be fun??? but I have proven myself wrong so many times in running! one day, one day I might say 50 miles? that's my cooldown!

CTmarathoner said...

Myriam --I am really questioning my sanity about lining up at a 24 hour run with a 1 mile loop --I am sooo old and tired:( --don't put any pressure on myself because consider the entry fee a donation and can always stop and volunteer -am targetting Umstead in april as my next '100' --Wurtsboro here we come!! and something ultra for you.

Ryan said...

Hope the Ted Corbitt 24 hour run is going well :-) I remember Jody from Around the Lake she's one extraordinary runner.