Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Hurricane of a weekend

As I write this the weather is amazing --on the hot side but sunny with no humidity.
Yesterday I ran in the NYRR Fitness 4 miler ---it was a team race. I was on the fence about running the 4 miler versus the Norwalk 1/2 marathon -both were Sat sept 6...
as 'luck' would have it, the 1/2 was postponed until next saturday due to impending wind and rain!! So........I had to race in the 4 miler in 99 percent humidity -darn.
When I got to central park, the men had finished their run ---they were just drenched. The air was steamy, thick...I lined up with 5,000 women and Sue Piersal said to me 'think of it as a fun run' i did --I relaxed the first couple of miles and still ran 6:45s but then the wheels came off and couldn't breathe -had to slow way down...finished in 27:54, good enough for 2nd 50s in the females and our team came in second. The Nike central park track women are tough -we were 5 min behind them!! So even if I set a PR, we wouldn't have come in first... socialized after and had a good time..between jogging to start and jogging back tot he car, ran 8.
That afternoon, the rain came in ---my cat tried to bring in a frog and a snake!! before and after the rains --both got away unharmed and will not let her out now...
this morning I dragged myself up at 6:15 to meet Don, Rob and Frank to go to the Nyack 10 miler --Francoise was running it also and we'd meet her there..Frank decided not to run but to jog 5 miles of the course as he has bad anemia and is being treated...he also took photos --good ones, too --see Frank's blog -I wasn't really into racing but ended up feeling pretty good running at a 7:30 pace --Rob finished right behind me, and Francoise and don and Staci finished shortly thereafter --the course is just beautiful, and at the turn around on the pier (we went thru the town of south nyack and along the water) I caught up with Yuki, who is just coming back from shin splints. After, we got ice cream from the ice cream truck --it never tasted so good!! We also got power bars, beer and iced tea...I had to leave to get Hank to soccer so Francoise picked up my 50s trophy --next week can run 2 1/2 marathons if want to. I have not been motivated to do long runs on the weekend so wonder how the 6 hour in 2 weeks will work out --but at this point, better to be more rested!
This week start art class, have book group and tons of meetings --in between will try and get my bike tire pumped so can get out biking. The fall weather will come soon, hopefully --oh, also having lunch on the 12th with Susan --can't wait for that!
Same day that Frank will be in the hosptial getting a colonoscopy to look at his possible blood-loss problem..


Just_because_today said...

Nice report, really enjoyed it. Yeah, the air was so thick that I ran in the gym and couldn't believe that after 12 miles on the treadmil (yeah, insane) my clothes were stuck to me.
Colonoscopy for Frank....I had a couple of those...aghhh

AnthonyP said...

Excellent stuff Emmy. Hope to see you soon.

DawnB said...

wish I'd gotten out. I surely could have use a race this weekend. Martha and Bob was also runing this one.

Ryan said...

Great races great photos, thanks for sharing.

DawnB said...

Have a great race tomorrow Emmy !!

rebecca said...

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