Monday, September 1, 2008

photos from new haven 5K and 20K

I woke up this a.m. at 6:15 to amazing weather -just perfect. I carpooled from Stamford up with Rob and decided in the car that I would do well running the 5Kand then jogging after --I just wasn't up to racing the 20K, having run 10 on sat and 6-plus last night (yes, should have rested Sat or sunday but this is good ultra training). Besides, I hate having to rest sat and sun for a monday race! So, we got to the green and saw tons of friends including John...and at the hi-tek tent Marty, Bekkie, Joe, Art, Rob and Monica...also saw Don warming up. Frank elected not to come as another steep entry fee, bu I had to laugh as the only person he knew last night was Ruth and he would have seen so many of his friends this a.m. I never saw Kate! I lined up at the 5K with Michael from scarsdale --my first mile was 6:30 ad I actually felt good! quads tired, achilles discomfort but my breathing was good --got thru second mile in 6:30 and last mile in 6:40 ---Rob had been joking with me that I was not taking my racing seriously:( --so even though I was pleased to run 20:28, I still wimped out big time --ended up running the last 6 miles of the course with my fried Maria, and definately would have been too tired to race it!!. Afterward, we got iced coffee, beer,and bread...and socialized a hi-tek.

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Maria said...

It was soooo great to find you along the course yesterday. Thanks for getting me across the finish line. ;)