Monday, October 6, 2008

Ted Corbitt 24 hour race --Oct 4-5 -101 miles -23 hours!

this will be a quick report and another more detailed report will follow. I am still mentally and physically exhausted from the ordeal of running for an entire 24 hours on a 1.2 mile path in a Queens Park --I ran 100 miles in 22 hours, 35 minutes --the first time have run under 24...and very proud of Frank and Rob for running over 90 miles!! and Brennen came in 4th with 108?? miles.
since this is October, the night started out 60 degrees and comfortable and around 4 a.m. the heavens opened up and a cold rain pounded the runners when they were the most fatigued --the morning stayed cold and rainy. Mentally, this was the toughest thing I have ever done --kept going around this insane loop when my feet were killing me and everything hurt --'why??' was the question I asked in my head at 3, 4 and 5 a.m. but then I tarted to feel good and started to be in the zone, knowing that I could achieve 100 miles... Byron Lane won with an amazing 123 miles?? Jody Reicher was on pace for the same miles (her marathon split was 3:20!!!!!) but she dropped out as she was way ambitious with the pace. Hanna Shoen won with 105 miles.
This was an incredible event --as much as I dreaded pounding the pavement (as opposed to a nice trail race in the October woods) what made this journey so special were the people...first of all, I entered with Frank and Rob and we planned to all work together as a team, especially to get Rob to his first 100 mile finish. Secondly, this was a run in remembrance of the great ultramarathoner Ted Corbitt and his son!!! ran..his son was a presence throughout the race --he made a presentation at the start, ran throughout the day and came back for the finish and the awards.
I started out really tired, and wasn't sure what I could achieve or wanted to run.
Frank had a bad cold, and is recovering from anemia so he wasn't sure how many miles he would run (as it turned out he did 91!!)-Rob wanted 100 badly but had plantar (this would be his downfall as the plantar felt good and he was forced to drop out at mile 90 --such a bummer. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was, as ironically, Rob's positive attitude through the night was what pushed me on to finishing my own race. He kept us going on an 18 minute -loop schedule which would put us into the 24 hour/100 mile zone -- I wanted to quit so badly, but he pushed me on...with 20 miles o go, I ended up feeling good (well, everything hurt but was ale to push past that), and running some 10 minute miles, and finishing the 100 with over an hour to spare!
I even got to walk my 101rst loop with Frank and Barbara! I wanted to put in another loop so I could say I ran farther than ever before --the woman's leader was well ahead of me so it was a symbolic loop...Barbara told us that my reward for doing this would be to quit this crazy ultra world -haha.
more details later!!


rundangerously said...


that's three 100 milers in 6 months!! you are amazing!!

Ryan said...

Glad to hear you reached 101 miles sounds like all the support kept you moving along, in a 24 hour event if you’re still running in the morning your in good shape Great race Emmy

Anonymous said...

Emmy, it's probably worth noting that you finished in 2nd place! Congratulations on yet another great performance this weekend - you always seem to get stronger and stronger as the race goes on.

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing Emmy. Simply amazing!

CTmarathoner said...

thanks frank, ryan, rob and pam -
I didn't think I was well rested enough to reach 100 -but with Rob's pacing help, that second wind kicked in --just wish I had kept pushing at the end as could have done 106...
I am just bummed out about Rob stopping at 90 BUT he is lucky that his plantar held up for the race!!!

Scott said...

Wow!!! Incredible! That's awesome! Congrats on 100 miles in under 24! You rock!!

DawnB said...

oustanding!! congratulations

Runner Tammy said...


You are such an amazing athlete. 101 in under 24 hours, that means for sure you are on track to get a "one day" pendant/buckle at Umstead and to buckle at VT 100 next year!



P.S. I suggest if your legs are stiff/tired, find a cat that purrs and kneads...I found one at the finish line at NH Marathon this past weekend which was really cool...I could have gone for the person massage but a cat massage is the best!(Puffie, our youngest will also do this which is cool:-)

Just_because_today said...


I dont know what to say anymore that hasn't been said a million when are you going to have time for a drink???

CTmarathoner said...

thanks scott --when is you next venture?? thx, Tammy, dawn and myriam..we all have to keep putting one step forward at a time..