Friday, October 24, 2008

NYC Marathon list of things to pack by Kate!

My friend Kate is running her first New York City Marathon. Like Rob (Kate is pictured with Rob at 2007 finish -she was spectating-, and below are Rob, Frank, Yuki, Hiro and I before the 2007 race), she will run it once and probably move on. As for me, I have a long history with the race, entering as a 24 year old after watching my parents and my brother run in 1978 and 1979.
This year will be my 19th NYCM....(1982,83,84,86,87,88,91,95,98,99,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007. Next Sunday's marathon will be -approximately-my 100th marathon/ultramarathon (have lost count)...will post some old t-shirts and memorabilia...Kate yesterday sent me the most comprehensive list of items to pack for the New York City any case, this list is relevant for any female for a cold weather marathon: (Thanks, Kate, for letting me post this):
Chip and Bib
ipod & arm strap
garmin watch
pace chart/band

running shoes
socks (including xtra)
ponytail holder
long sleeved shirt - OLD
sweat pants - OLD
garbage bag/rain gear

H20 bottle
salt pills
gummy bears
ITB Strap
To apply pre-race then put in drop bag:
body glide
mini scissors
lambs wool

cell phone
disposable camera

Bag for Post Race:
long sleeved shirt
sweat pants
slip on shoes
granola bar
chocolate milk


rundangerously said...

omg emmy! kate's going to staten island - not alaska!!

she's going to need a moving van for all that stuff :D

UltraBrit said...
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UltraBrit said...

100 marathons and ultras and NY 19 times! That's awesome!

I can't believe you actually posted my list with panties and all!!!! You can tell I have problems with my feet with all the first aid supplies that I'm bringing.

Frank, It's mostly small stuff. I'm sure your packing list includes many many multiple layers of clothing since you are such a girlie man in the cold! :o)

Anonymous said...

Good luck everyone. Have a great NYC marathon. See you at the starting line in '09 (the 40th anniversary). And Kate ... don't feel bad ... better safe than sorry. If you get cold you can always put the extra pair of panties on your head. People have worn alot worse than that on the streets of NY!

CTmarathoner said...

Kate -so sorry to publish the entire list without thinking....some parts of list were meant to be 'private'-will edit the list now!!

CTmarathoner said...

p.s. Kate -you are so organized..I always pack the day before, and do keep a running notepad with items to not forget --for me: contacts,sunglasses, camera, babywipes:) --gummy bears and bodyglide are good to have.

Just_because_today said...


I pray to God that I'll be able to be a spectator this year. I had already made plans but not sure now with my knee. Hope to see you

Runner Tammy said...

Kate: Good Luck a NYC!!!

This list cracks me up...It is about 1/4th of what I have on my list (so I am glad you did not post mine...people have commented that, "your only running for 5 hours, 6 hours tops; not going on some multi-week expedition". And people are shocked how much stuff I actually can carry during races (and almost never use any of it!)

I did notice a lack of

"Fanny Pack" to carry all these articles particularly race items... duct tape, perhaps?

I use an awesome ultimate direction fanny pack (Strider), it is like an volkswagon beetle, there is no limit to how much stuff can be shoved into it.

Several other items I might recommend carrying during the race based on my list include:
Small amount of cash ($20-40)
ID (I use my expired drivers license)
Health Insurance card:-)
Race Map in a ziploc bag (particularly for smaller races)

Take care,

UltraBrit said...

Tammy, Thanks for your well wishes and suggestions. I don't have a fanny pack on my list since I can't seem to find one that I feel comfortable with. They ride up, or rub and/or just feel too warm around my waist. My 'Gym Girl' skirt by Skirt Sports has great side pockets for my gels and such. I may also go with a running shirt with a small pocket also. My boyfriend and his family will be working the mile 17 water station so I'll give him some extra tape and first aid stuff incase I get any blisters. Good idea with the ID, health card and a small amount of money. I do sometimes pack a small course map, but I never end up using them once the race starts. It's something I could bring to look it over in the staging area before I check in my bag.

I'll take a picture of my supplies to show you guys that it's really not that much stuff.

UltraBrit said...

I need to add to my list. I always bring "Sarah" with me.

Sarah Reinertsen is the first above-knee amputee to cross the finish line on a prosthetic leg in an Ironman race. She is one of my great heros. I bought bracelets for the charity "Challenged Athletes Foundation" which came with a picture of Sarah running. I carry this picture with me when I run marathons or any other significant race. She has always brought me good luck and inspiration. She came along with me on my Great North Run half marathon ealier this month and helped me to get a PR! ;o)

CTmarathoner said...

good idea to bring 'Sarah' with you -Tammy, thanks so much for the suggestion of the fanny pack -I also have one that just isn't comfortable -the waistband is too big and it jiggles and hangs down. I just bought a 'runners' vest', to take the place of a fanny pack, for ultra trail runs --RunDangerously laughs at me for buying it...I hear that it gets hot in the summer.
$$ is a good idea for a big city marathon ---have to buy that Starbucks or train ticket when race over..

UltraBrit said...

No more picking on me for my list. Here is the one on my latest ING marathon newsletter.

ING NYC Marathon Packing List:

Essential Gear-
“Carry On”
Luggage Items
• Running Shoes
• Socks
• Travel Itinerary
• Prescription Meds
• Emergency contact
list (phone numbers
and email addresses)
Medical Alert (if
• Medical Records
(especially for international
travel in either
hardcopy or CD form)
Other Possible
Clothing Items
• Team ING Running
• Singlet
• Shorts
• Warm-Ups (Jacket
and Long Pants)
• Sports Bra
• Gloves
• Hat
• Other T-Shirt (Long
and Short Sleeve)
• Sweat Shirt
• Tights
• Rain Jacket
Other Handy
• Body Glide, Skin
Lube, or Vaseline
• Foot Powder
• Handkerchief
• Shoe Laces
• Workout Bag
• Lock for locker
• Towel
• Race Confirmation
(to receive race
number, if applicable)
• Ibuprofen
• Safety Pins
• Sweat Bands
• Analgesic Cremes
(e.g., Ben Gay,
Myoflex, etc.)
• ID Tags (for you and
your bag)
• Toilet Paper
• Sample Size
• Airport Check List
(e.g., prohibited
carry on-items,
baggage size/weight
restrictions, etc.)
• Garbage bag
(to use in cold or wet
• Sun-visor
• Sunglasses
• Sun-Block
Possible* Food
• Power Bars
• Gel Energy
• Snack/Pre-Race
Items (e.g., Bagels,
Muffins, Fruit, etc.)
• Sports Drinks
• Bottled Water (especially
for the airplane)
* Be sure that you have
experimented with these
or any other food items
(during your training)
prior to the marathon.