Sunday, October 12, 2008

R.I.T. 'Brick City' parents' weekend/homecoming

Despite a whirlwind trip (Friday-Sunday)to Rochester to visit Andrew, we had a great time -Rochester is a fun city! More importantly, Andrew's roommate went home for the weekend so he able to sleep in, thus being in a less cranky mood. He seems very happy -he has joined a fraternity (they had a big bonfire party Friday night so we took him out for dinner, and he stayed up backtrack, Ike and I met my parents on 1-87 at the Sloatsburg rest area. Hank was on a boy scout multi-day hike, and trip stayed home for his mom's sister's funeral. So the 4 of us drove up on that glorious Friday -rest day for me, but i needed a rest. We got to campus and met Andrew and took a 2 mile walking tour of his classes and campus (photos are posted) -then went to dinner..
in the morning, I slept in while Ike and mom and dad went to bookstore and had breakfast -I then ran from hotel to R.I.T. and 4 miles around campus...then they picked me up at bookstore. After shower at hotel, we went into the Erie canal city of Pittsford and had lunch and ice cream...then went up the historic street of East Avenue and to the fabulous George eastman museum and elephant head is in the living room as Eastman was a big safari hunter -UGH!! Then we went to the historic area of High Falls,by the old Genesee brewing company -looked like lots of fun bars overlooking the site!!! Then, we went to Outback steak house where we sampled some Sam Adams Oktoberfest and I had tuna sushi --Andrew has lost 15 pounds at school and wasn't eating all that much...I ate for him. Sunday a.m. we went to campus so that i could run in the R.IT Brick city 5K --they got 20 runners on a glorious sunday a.m. and I felt good, ended up running 21:09 --I was dismayed that the family wouldn't walk it --it was free and the best tour of campus!! But they gave Andrew an extra t-shirt --see post above.

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Scott said...

Holy crap is Andrew tall!!!

I miss college.