Sunday, October 19, 2008

photos from the Great Pumpkin 4 miler

yes, I wimped out big time today...instead of a 6 hour race (30-35 miles) did a 4 mile road race -bad...I was on feet all day yesterday at a cub scout/boy scout camp-o-ree and so did something I rarely do -canceled on Rob. He nicely offered to give me a ride to the 6 hour. First of all, in terms of a last long run for NYCM, it beat me up way more than a slow/walk jog on dirt trails...and by noon, after jogging the course 2x (2 mile warm up), (with socializing and awards in between) had only run 15 miles. It did work out as Hank got a ride to his soccer game at Weston high school, and I went straight from race to soccer game. Took a detour into Devil's den and jogged on trails for 1:15, and then went to watch tail end of soccer game -so figure it was about 20 miles today. I saw Kate, marty, Ultra-star Andy cable, Joe LeMay (who won a crystal pumpkin paperweight)so great socializing -it was cold and windy, but I felt good throughout at 6:45s fo 27"05 --the last mile was tough, as I feel it in my legs from the 100 miler. Definately getting old and tired but always working on my speed -ha. I ended up coming in 10th overall?? and second 50s -yes, got soundly beaten by Stephanie Hahn, who ran 26:46!! I wanted to come down to Scarsdale 5K to see my friend Susan (Michael Goldman came up from Scarsdale for this! ha) )but never made it --I hope she won the 50s:); hope Frank's daughter did well...I do love that course but can afford 3 entry fees:)
Rob ran 32 miles!! in the 6 hour --great job. Here are some photos...


Just_because_today said...

20 miles...not bad and part of it on a trail...more than I could do (or want to do).
Heading out for surgery tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Emmy, great job in the 4-mile. You probably made the right choice.

CTmarathoner said...

Myriam ---good luck in surgery!!!!
Rob -I don't know --sore today!! quads and everything feel much more beat up from a measly 4 mile race..
maybe long slow distance on dirt better. Congrats on running 50K!!!