Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!! Happy Birthday Rob!

Pam cancelling at NYCM expo:(

Wow --had to believe it's Friday on Halloween --the very last day of October. Although an unusual birthday date, I have 2 running friends who are born on Halloween -Rob and Meredith!! Rob is not joining the ranks of masters yet, but think Meredith changes age groups (30 -so young! arghh). I went to the NYCM expo yesterday and had a great time walking over with Pam, meeting Frank and his buddy Michael, talking to Michael (check out his funny blog --this will be his 15th NYC Marathon. One year, he started LAST and passed 5,000 runners. So it was fun to hear his stories. I first met Michael at the Prospect park Cherry Tree 10 miler...a tough race. Good luck with your 15t, Mchael -then you'll be grandfathered in:)
The expo was not too exciting. Got some free samples of power bars and cherry juice.
Saw some fun items to maybe buy later --orange turtleneck and NYCM fanny ack, and orange Nike t-shirt. Forgot to check out the new NYCM Asics gel-kayano shoes for Kate...she will check them out today. I saw Barbara and Ted from TRR, and Marie and Corrina from 'Moving comfort' (now running divas)...and Sharon --sadly, Pam had to defer!!! She turned in her number pick up card and still got her shirt and goody bag.
She was sidelined with a stress fracture and looks forward to running a spring marathon. You are brave, Pam, to make the right decision!! Check out Frank's expo photos..


Anonymous said...

Thanks Emmy. Appreciate the company yesterday.

Happy b'day Rob and Meredith.

Have a great run on Sunday everyone!

Just_because_today said...

Good luck on Sunday. I won't be able to go, the knee is not ready.
I'll track you!

CTmarathoner said...

Myriam --we'll miss you but understand...
Pam -next year!!