Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or treating!

This will probably be my last year out trick or 10 year old wants to go with his friends. My 14 year old is too old, and doesn't want any candy -or rather he'd rather steal it from his brother. But we did enjoy the 60 degree weather ! and did get to socialize on the streets. My constant trick or treating friend Lynn abandoned me and went to the movies --smart move for next year, or village parade.
But I did walk around the village today after the fact and had so much fun. Just can't focus on the marathon just yet...


Runner Tammy said...

Maybe next year you can take your cat trick or treating...We take our dog and he is fairly sucessful at getting doggie treats.

Hope you are ready for the marathon because I think it is only hours away.

Good luck!


Just_because_today said...

I can tell there is an artist in the house. My pumpkins never looked like that.
Believe me, you won't miss trick or treating. Go to the movies instead