Sunday, November 2, 2008

New York, new york -The Marathon

what a long but rewarding day. Congrats to all my friends who finished this course -as I get older and slower, I realize that this course isn't flat like I used to think it was. Will write a race report tommorrow...before the start, we got off the WRR bus and ran into Todd J. -what a coincidence! Saw Hugo, Susan B., and many others...missed Kate, Susan W. and Mike!! but talked to the first 2 on the phone. The start was great with the new 9:40 wave!!! The summary: I was disappointed with my time of 3:30:10??? --on the other hand, it was a good time considering I slowed by 6 minutes the second half with the bridge and hills and fatigue of over-racing:((( ---some would say I do it to myself. Proud of Frank for running 3:38, despite the anemia, and for Kate with her 4:05 --a BIG PR. How did Dawn and Michael do?
I had a good first half --ran with Frank (he started right behind me in the green corral)--we ran steady 7:40s and passed through the 1/2 in 1:42 ---then he pulled ahead and I slowed over the Queensboro bridge (bouyed by the Taconic people cheering though!!! left foot and quad were bothering me --amazingly my achilles felt fine! First avenue was cold and windy --caught up with Frank and he was slowing with the wind --never saw my friend Lynn:(((( but the crowds were amazing, just amazing.
My mile 20 split was so slow, it was discouraging...the hardest part of the courseas far I am concerned is mile 23 with the 5th ave. hill --that was slow too. Mile 24 showed 3:13.. I had 17 minutes to break 3:30 and knew it would be close. I crossed the finish just over :30, passing Susan B.(enroute to a PR) ---after the long walk to baggage, the best part of the day was a stop for coffee and a Pumpkin Ale --I soenjoy walking on the West side, and it was a treat to sit at a warm bar. hard to get out into the cold and get to the WRR bus. Well, this was my 19t NYCM -maybe for my 20th could finally rest, taper and break 3:30??? Special ongrats to Kate on shattering her PR with a 4:05.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Emmy on a job well done. You've had an incredibly successful year of running accomplishments. Reflect proudly on today and 2008 as a whole!

DawnB said...

you did great Emmy!! congratulations! I did great today since my only goal going in was to make it over the bridges :). This wasn't my best and it wasn't my worst.(4:39) For my first NYC I most certainly did not want it that way. I hope I get another chance at it soon.

Congratulations to Kate nice PR!! it helped that I saw a familiar face on the bridge:)

Laura said...

Congratulations, Emmy!

Just_because_today said...


That was a nice race report! Congratulatons, 3.30 is great (for overtraining ;) ) but I know what you mean, we all set our own goals.

Meredith said...

Good job Emmy!!! Looks cold in your pics, brrrrrr.Congrats to everyone and their PRs!

Ryan said...

Congratulations wish I was out there this weekend.

CTmarathoner said...

Thanks Pam --next year for you.
Dawn --congratulations!! Kate said she saw you on the Queensboro bridge!! Looking forward to hearing the report.
Thx Laura, Myriam, Meri ad Ryan --judging by my shorter race times (marathon tune-u at 2:16, Queens 1/2 at 1:35 -all on 99 percent humid days), I should have been able to run 3:23...or at least at sub 3:30.
I am disappointed by know that the 24 hour was my priority and not this --it was a great day anway..

susan said...

You rocked it,Emmy--awesome and inspiring, as always!

UltraBrit said...

Emmy, Congratulations on another great race! I know you are a little disappointed by your time, but considering all the mileage you put in with racing and running ultras I think it your time was spectacular!

With it being my first New York marathon, it was an absolute thrill for me. I had a smile on my face the entire race.

Dawn, It was nice to see you on the bridge. I was hoping that you were feeling good and were enjoying the experience as much as I was.

TeeJay said...

My experience was a different one than yours Emmy, but no less fun. :) My friend Herbie, who I paced to a PR of 3:44 (broke his old PR by 17 min), it talking about me pacing him to a 3:30 next year. I told him "we'll see."
Anyway, was glad to see you there in your usual great spirits. :) Keep running! Hugs, ~Todd~