Monday, November 17, 2008

NYRRC Race to Deliver 4 miler -11/16

Susan finishing the 4 miler..

Art and I at finish of 4 miler --two old people:)
I woke up on Saturday a.m. to pouring rain. I had to get my 14 year old son down to the scout house for a 2 day hike, and the weather forecast for Sat-sun was horrendous -rain, fog, and then cold. Sat was the Knickerbocker 60K, which I opted out of since I have to 'run' JFK 50 miler this Saturday (last ultra til March!!!??-well, maybe a fatass in Jan). I turns out that both Frank and Rob, who were entered in the 60K, skipped the race due to heavy rain and to work -so as I stayed home all day Sat, I wondered about the 60K runners,the javelina 100 runners (Anthony, Chris and Susan from GAC and Bob G), an of course my son on his hike!!! Sunday a.m. dawned cold and blustery and on a whim, decided to run the central Park 4 miler . The 50 miler -as it was slow an on trails --did not beat me up as much as NYC. And all the boys were gone Sunday (my teenager came home and was in NYC) so decided to go in --I had a good race,breaking 27 minutes (just)...I think in part by the fact that i ran little this week, and because it was so crowded, started slowly , and then chased Susan!--however, I was overheated -I had tights and long sleeves, and she had shorts and singlet!!! She pulled way ahead and ran bautifully for age 51:) Saw Art and Susan and Frank took photos -he came in but decided not to pay the $25 but wait til the afternoon and run the Hastings-on-Hudson 10K (which he did with Rob and both came in 3rd in their age groups!). I ran the 10K as a cool-down-workout and it was one of the tougher 10Ks I have run (Pam,. this is YOUR kind of course). Now, rest this week before the 50 miler on Saturday -arghh ---need to get mentally prepared for drive down, the cold and maybe the snow, the AT and slippery switchback, the 2 mile uphill at start...
and the long drive home. Frank says to only focus on getting through the AT portion in one piece, no matter how slow...

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susan said...

Hi Emmy...I have to say. every single post you have on your blog since the NYCM has made my jaw drop! Your history in the marathon is amazing, then you follow that post with Stone Cat 50 miler, and all the other races you've crammed in and run incredibly...all I can say is, WOW!
I'm glad your son's home from school--hooray for a full house. See you this weekend--it doesn't sound too great weather-wise. yikes.