Sunday, November 23, 2008

JFK 50 Miler --11/22/08 -photos!

A sign points JFK runners down the Weaverton Cliffs...only 34 miles to go.

Getting reflective vests at mile 42 --off the towpath; Thank Goodness!!
What a long, cold day yesterday --I finished the JFK 50 miler in 9:41 and then drove home - felt good in car but my hamstrings wee killing me. (glen and susan drove me from finish to my car at start-Jen finished in9:20 and Susan finished her first 50 miler in 9:55) The race itself is tough --3 races in one, with the hily, rocky A.T. portion, the 26 miles of towpath, and the rolling terrain of the last 8 miles (and we had a headwind also). I was so pleased to break 10 hours 2 weeks after Stone Cat. With snow on the A.T. as well-ugh.
Race report coming but in the meantime -photos --I played tourist until mile 42!

Me, Susan, Glen and Jen in the gym at the start --chaos!!! Where's my handheld?

Susan, me and Jen at the start --we had walked over from the gym to Boonsboro Main Street at 6:45 a.m. -brrrr -what will the long day bring???

The long 3 mile climb at the start to the App. trail --a way to get warmed up, in the the 20 degree weather....I pretty much jogged up it (stupid-yes-would pay later.

Either I have a short memory or forgot about this insane climb at mile 6!!

Coming down the trail into gatherton Gap -mile 9.3 (where's Susan?? Gone ahead!).

Me at the turn to Weaverton cliffs --the A.T. portion of the race almost done, if one doesn't kil themselves going downhill.

Runners coming off the Weaverton cliffs part of the A.T. (mile 15??)

Slogging along the 26 miles of windy, cold towpath

Me and the 'HAT 50K' run race directors (I tried to get a free entry).

The '38 Special' aid station --12 miles to go!

me at finish --glad I pushed on as wanted to quit at mile 30.

Susan and Glen at finish line -done! Will she have the energy to run he friend in at Philly on Sunday?

Finished!!! I crossed the line in 9:41 and Susan finished in 9:55 -awesome for her first 50 miler!!..21 degrees and darkness closing in (5 p.m. -we had been running since 7 am.)


AnthonyP said...

Many many many congrats ! you never cease to amaze me. This was a fantastic performance. And, great for Susan as well. Sub-10 Hours at JFK is quite an accomplishment, considering the difficulty of the AT over the first 14+ miles, and the monotony of the tow path for the next 26 and change.

Laura said...

Congratulations Emmy!!! I stayed up in NYC yesterday and it was freezing - can't imagine running all day in that!

goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

UltraBrit said...

Another great race Emmy. Sounds like it was tough with the cold and the wind. I love the photos. It looks like you guys have so much fun socializing. I can't wait to do a 'real' trail ultra.

Runner Tammy said...

Congratulations Emmy!

Great job at JFK. I must have just beaten you with my 11:40 early start (by ~1 minute!). At 4:40 I was happy to be off the course because I had just beaten the 3 p.m. reflective vest "award":-)

I hope you are resting, relaxing and eating now.


Blog My said...

CONGRATS Emmy...LOVE the Pics and outstanding race time!! Way to Go!!

Meredith said...

Good job Emmy!!!!! You rocked JFK on a coooolllddd day.

CTmarathoner said...

Thanks Anthony, Laura, girl, Kate, Tammy, Bob, Meredith...this race was one I really didn't want to do in the end, as you guys didn't enter, and Frank and a few other friends got closed out -that's why I did Stone cat -- this was an after thought...anyway, it turned out to be a good day despite the cold.
Meredith --I know you didn't miss this one!! Great job tammy on your 5th JFK!

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

You really are a running machine (weekly or bi-weekly races nearly all year..AMAZING!).

Have you had the chance to sign up for VT100 or do you have loftier goals (Badwater perhaps). Registration is open. I'm in:-) I figure it can't be worse then last year: snakes, lightening and hail...only plague and/or locusts could make it more challenging.