Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My friend Susan on New York city marathon

Oh my, these 50 year old women are tough. Pictured above are Susan and I at the NY mini last June. I am proud of my friend Susan for running the new york city marathon (totally untrained for distance, as she put it, and with feet problems that make distance tough). She ran a PR 3:36. She is a speedster, having run last weekend a 33:46 5 miler in the Poland Spring race. She and I ran the Martha's Vineyard 20 miler and she blew away the womens' 50s record with a 7:25 per mile paced race. She will post a guest report (hopefully I will get my act together to write something --God Bless the man who gave me coke at mile 20!!!)-in the meantime, here is her e-mail o me from after the race:

Hi - Congrats on completing a successful marathon. How are you feeling? You must be high up there in the 50s as well if I was 26 out of 1,023 or something. I saw that Sharon came in 2nd and Marie 3rd. Marie whizzed by me on the bridge to 1st ave. I had to do the opposite strategy one is supposed to in order to beat my 3 prior marathon times of 3:49/50 and remembered in MV saying if I had just jogged a slow 10+ paced----10K for 66 minutes after I would still have a better marathon time than previously. My feet give out early on so just went for it and by mile 21 or so was jogging between 9 and 10+ but my 3:36:27 was faster than the others I'd done and 8:16 for me was a pleasant surprise. You'd be horrified with a PR at that time but I am happy- that should give you a laugh. (smile) Had to go to the medic tent and get my toenails and feet worked on. Lisa was a volunteer and saved me literally. My feet were burning so bad I was light headed. Realized no amount of training or pacing early on would have allowed my feet to go much more than 20 miles at anything but a slow pace. Oh the admiration I have for you ultra marathoners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and my reply:
Hi ---have been meaning to write --I am so proud of you!!! yesterday was, i think, my worst race in a season of good races --I went through the half very conservatively --1:41:30? --saw you, Marie, Yuki, and Beth M!!!! all whiz by my at the start like I was standing still...Frank caught up with me and God bless him, he ran with me for the first half at even 7:40s but I was just tired!!! I even lost him n the Pulaski bridge as needed to slow down. I had to walk alittle on the Queensboro bridge and wanted to drop out -my foot started hurting and my quad was killing me!! I started to do 7:45s again on first -caught up with Frank, and saw that he was chilled.
Stayed ahead of him but at same pace but then lost it at mile 20 -that was like a 9 min pace..but thankfully a man was handing out COKE. Mile 23 was slow --another 8:50. I then was in pain -my foot and quad hurt.
I think that I need better cushioned shoes -it was the top of my left foot and I was in agony!!
I then decided I was not going to break 3:30 so cranked it in in 8 min pace for 3:30:30??
Now, after those 5K last Sunday I could barely walk my quads hurt so much -so DUH..I made alot of mistakes before this race. After the 100 miler, I felt great --but pushed too hard with racing. I think I wasn't recovered, and went way below my lactic acid level (7 min)...I just was fatigued. excuses.........??
Marie did awesome --was so happy she came in 3rd. Sharon e-mailed me that the wind and cold got to her -also she was undertrained having had that injury...so she ran 1:31 for the first half and slowed considerably -she said her last mile was a 10 min pace....but what a great time. beth ran 3:21!! she turns 50 next week, i think, so she was really 50 (like you and Scarsdale last year)...
I am just so pleased that you set a PR at age 50..3:36 is so great!!!!! I am very proud that you stepped up to the plate and ran so well..
Hope you do alot of swimming this week to recover those feet --

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