Wednesday, March 19, 2008

winter training-countdown to Umstead

I m writing here instead of making the kids dinner or folding laundry or reading my book club book ('Pompeii') -but as with all new things this will pass ! Maybe I'll write in here once a week after races (running -related) or mid-week after art classes (art-related!). Hard to believe with this dreary day that the Spring equinox is coming. In fact, this weekend is usually the Clubct Spring Equinox 8K but that has been pushed back til march 30 because of Easter (Jim will hold the Bunny Boogie instead).
I missed running a 100 miler this fall but had the most wonderful season with the BUS 6 hour runs and the VT and JFK 50s --all because of Frank's and my friends' support. It seemed like a good idea on August 31 to enter an early April 100 mile event -in February it was doubtful! Thankfully we knew alot of runners who are entered and it started to sound better. Now as Umstead endurance run approaches (April 5), reality is setting in (it's only one day that I'll be walking thru the woods at night). I wanted to look back at my winter training and see what I've done, if only for myself because it doesn't seem like enough. Let me say that my running friends are such an important part of my life. I would never be as happy running or racing if it were not for those like-minded friends who want to be out braving the elements with me. Just this Sunday Frank, Anthony and I saw Joe Handelman, 78 years old, running the TRR 10K. and he's running Sybil in 2010 for his 80th birthday! It's part of his lifestyle and social culture.

Weekend training starting in dec:
sat dec 8-sun dec 9 -walk 20 miles; ran 20 (includes racing jngle bell jog 3 miler)
dec 15-16 -holiday 4 miler w/susan, frank (ran 8 on sat); 15 on sun
dec 21-22 -Marty's 5K w/kate and frank and john -ran 20 on sat; 13 on sun
dec 29-30 -13 miles on sat; 17 on sun after Stamford 5K w/frank
january 5-6 -recover from holidays 50K w/frank(31 miles); boston build-up -8 miles
jan 12-13 -goofy's challenge (Disneyworld) 13 on sat; 26.2 on sun
jan 20-21 -Boston build-up 15K (John's 66th -day)w/frank and rob -ran 18 total
Jan 27-28 -injured -limped unofficially thru Manhattan 1/2
Feb 3-4 -injured -ran 10 on sat; 20 run/walk sun
feb 10- Boston build up 20 K -raced 12.4 (stopped after as calf hurting)
Feb 16-17 -Martha's vineyard 20 miler (ran 24 that day);ran 10 on sun.
Feb 24 -Hudson-Mohawk winter marathon w/rob --3;41 (ran 28 total)
March 2 -Caumsett Park 50K -4:26
March 8-9 - ran 10 on Sat; 16 on sun (includes colon cancer 15K)
March 15-16 -ran 31 on sat (includes Wurtsboro 30K) and 8 on sun w/anthony and f.

so have had 5 or so runs over 26 miles -that's about what the winter in New England dishes out.
No 6 hour runs or 50 milers --that's fall and spring. So Northerners Frank, Tim and I are in this together -others have done rocky racoon which is fabulous training. I know that my training of quality road miles is not what I should be doing but it's winter...Those who live in Florida or southern climes are lucky, with long trail runs. So many races to look forward to later in the season -all we can do is our best. Injuries, sickness...expect the unexpected just when things seem easy. I am looking forward to March 29 for the H.A.T run -- a hike. I come home and have to rush around and pack up my 8th grader for a school trip to DC! and my teenager has a RIT open house in NYC on Sun March 30! Spring comes and it gets busy. I just wish my young ones would run with me --my 10 year old got a bike and we will be bike/running together. signing off .

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