Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mianus River Park

The Mianus River Park is a gem of a park a half mile from my house -it is one of the few parks in Fairfield County that allow mountain bikes (which I why I don't run on the trails on weekends!)-the trail network is about 10-15 miles -anyone's guess, although I usually follow the same 5-6 mile loop. Am going to check out the entire network with a girl friend of mine who walks...The Trails go out to the Stamford border near the Merritt parkway..I go typically weekdays at noon and see mostly dog walkers and neighbors -kids on weekends. I see my running friend Darcy here, wired to her iPod. It's quiet and peaceful, and great to be on when you are tired and want to walk some, and when you need a break from the concrete. But if you want a good workout, you can find hills.
My favorite loop is the Treetops estate (above and right), where a runnable 1.5 trail follows the river. It's still kind of bleak in the park...but pretty. Today lots of fisherman were in the water -guess it's the start of fishing season!. This is a good place to try out trail shoes-I wore the Brooks cascadias! LOL with trail shoes. I am feeling tired this week --I haven't dropped my mileage under 50-60 in 3 months -conventional wisdom says drop your miles every 3 weeks.
So monday and today I just did 5 miles of walk/running and will prob just walk 3 tomm and rest friday --Sunday are a bunch of races I want to do -mudders and grunters, Scarsdale 15K, and spring equinox! but not this year!


rundangerously said...

woo hoo - what a great new template!! very cool look :)

AnthonyP said...

Very nice. I'd love to check out Mianus. For weekend trail runs, come on out to Rockies.

CTmarathoner said...

thanks RD -not sure I like the pale yellow -fun to experiment:.

Anthony -I am sold on rockies now for future long runs -I get bored with Mianus park -it is good a 3 mile hike with kids and dogs!

rundangerously said...


here is another strange cat photo they seem to keep coming across my computer screen for no good reason ;)

but somehow, i think this one has your name all over it!!