Saturday, March 29, 2008

Queens 60K (37 miles)-March 29, 2008

What do you get when you combine 10 (or was it 12?) wind-blown , cold, hilly and somewhat concrete 3 mile loops of an outer-borough Park? The BUS Queens 60K --a full report tommorrow but we did survive. It wasn't easy mentally or physically to deal with the wind and the loops but one good thing for me was that womens' field was small (Ruth, barbara and barbara and me:)) so I won -and even set a PR of 5:47 (previous was 5:53 in the knickerbocker 2006) --Frank, in his first 0K ran 5:46!! He dawdled so that I could catch up but I never did.

Rob was supposed to come with Frank and I but got a flat tire! he didn't discover it until he went out to get in his car at 7:20 or I would have come pick him up. Barbara S. drove all the way from Albany , so i ran the first mile with her. We started on the track and ran a symbolic quarter together in honor of Ted Corbitt --well, it was supposed to be symbolic but Phil and Byron (and Frank) bolted ahead. After 5 loops (16 miles?) it was a struggle for me. I had a routine of walking thru the aid stations and up the hills but ran a 9 min pace when running.
I was so far ahead that I didn't really need to focus on time, and I wasn't -I just wanted to finish in one piece ad not push too hard. Plus, wore heavy trail shoes --at the end of each loop, I saw Frank running strongly, as well as the other 30 runners on the out-and -backs. When it was over, I got the biggest tackiest trophy (donated by ritchie's trophy guy) --Frank got a smaller but more stately one. Ritchie was in fine spirits and gave us the 30 year history of the 60K -he started it in 1978! Now it's rest, rest and more rest --will continue this later.


AnthonyP said...

You are amazing ! Congrats on the victory. See you next weekend at Umstead. I'm hitting Bear Mountain tomorrow AM at 7.

Meredith said...

Congrats on your big win :) Rest those legs up for next weekend!

Just_because_today said...

gee...that wind was brutal again today. I leave me speechless. I can't believe how much you and Frank run and how well you do each time. Wish you were doing the More half next week. I'm still looking for a partner

CTmarathoner said...

Anthony --you are amazing to do back-to-back runs but you do have to check out those trails before the race. See you next weekend!
Meredith -I will do do no running this week! Hope you are resting. I ran a few loops with a guy who has done Umstead and he warned me that t can get cold and rainy at night.
I'll pack tues -see you on friday.
Myriam --the wind yesterday seemed to get worse and worse! I wish I could do the More 1/2 w/you --my Tues a.m. ladies' running group is all going. Easter changed the race date -it used to be the third weekend in March. Next year!! You know, I think NYRRCC an assign you a partner but that's not fun.