Friday, March 21, 2008

spring flowers..bare trees, cold and high winds

This a.m. I finished painting some yellow Begonias...I can do much better with the composition, light and shading. so will try again. Also here is my drawing of an Easter Lilly for Good Friday.
As I write this the wind is howling and the bare trees are bending over. My weekday routine is usually to run 8-10 on treadmill or trails (depending on weather) mon-wed-fri and x-train (usually swim for an hour)...gym is closed today and it is so miserable outside cannot bring myself to go out. Just realized that in 2 weeks North Carolina will actually have trees with blossoms. and warmth. If it rains or gets chilly, will cross that bridge when we come to it.
Bring on the heat!


AnthonyP said...

The wind is crazy, isn't it ! Nice pictures.

CTmarathoner said...

Anthony --I wish I get myself over to Bear mtn tomm afternoon for a hike.
I would like to do the BB an then ahike or some more miles.
I see on kickrunners that you and Stacy (50K)might be in for Laurel highlands. Frank says he will do it if he is not travelling -now wouldn't that e an adventure if a bunch of people ran/hiked 70 miles?

Just_because_today said...

I am impressed!!! If there is one thing God stripped me off is artistic talent!!!