Sunday, June 29, 2008

Norwalk 5 miler -June 28, 2008

with Meredith's run, I almost forgot to post some photos of the Norwalk 5 miler -a low key Norwalk summer series race put on by our friend Don --these races are great workouts and are also a good social venue with local runners (Frank, Rob, John, Kate, Marty, my college friend Frank) and friends showing up.
The morning started auspiciously --first I got Frank and I lost to race I'd been to at least 10 times!! I was looking for the Wilton diner to take a right and couldn't find it --found out later it was now a bank. Then, was jogging to the start and the gun went off -that has never happened to me!!! I think it was because mentally and physically I was not into pushing it. But it turned out to be good as the first mile was slow and it was hot and humid!!! I turned out to feel good the last mile..and finished in 34:20.


DawnB said...

congratulations on a great race on saturday Emmy!! can you tell where my mind was on saturday I didn't even see you guys sitting on the sidewalk.

Awesome job pacing later that evening I'm trying to think if we even got any relief on saturday from the humidity

Bob Gentile said...

You been BUSY huh :-) Congrats & love all the pics...

and Congrats Meredith knocking out that the high heat & humidity!!

CTmarathoner said...

Thanks Bob!! It's been Florida weather up here but this week is actually better.
dawn, the weather saturday night was just horrible -you could cut the air with a knife it was so thick.
meredith did an awesome job sticking it out all day and into the night -15 hours.