Monday, June 9, 2008

photos from the 'Need for Speed Relay'-June 8

The need for speed relay (52 miles through westchester on June 8) seemed a fun idea --my friend Anthony was on a team and they needed 2 runners so I asked Frank if he'd be interested -mainly because the route goes right by his house! I was assigned leg 5 --5 miles from North white plains train station to scarsdale ---Frank would run leg 6- scarsdale to new rochelle. Well, no one could have predicted the hot and humid temps.
Our teammates ran behind, understandably, by one hour, and the relay was stopped because of heat and thunder as I finished my leg. what a bummer. Frank and Pam, our team captain,did not get to run. We didn't even get to fnish. The photos show Pam and I and Pam with the EMT guys!


Just_because_today said...

after all of that and having to stop!!! what a shame but better safe than sorry.
I'm in the hospital. Had surgery on Friday

Scott said...

It was definitely a hot/humid one yesterday for running!! I had a 50K training run (on Nipmuck and N. Nipmuck courses) planned and only managed 25 miles in 5+ hrs.