Sunday, June 8, 2008

NY Mini Marathon --June 7, 2008

quick report of this 10K road race (check out photos on Frank's blog --Frank was the reporter for the morning and will post a race report from my friend Susan Branche. Anyway, I drove in to the East side at 7:30 and miraculously found a parking spot on 72nd and walked over to th park, where I found the Taconic ladies -Lee, Barb Cathy, and Debbie -bummer that I turn 50 next week so could not help them out on the ladies' 50s team. The next team race is July 19 and I will be in VT. In any case, bumped into Bea going to the start -we met her and her fiancee at the Boy scout 5K -they are fellow ultrarunners and are going to Comrades ultra next weekend. It was hot already -70 degrees -and very humid. I had forgotton my inhaler in the car. I almost didn't run this 10K as it is really tough to re-focus your mental energy on running as fast as possible after focusing on running as slow and long as possible!! This spring I have combined ultras with tempo runs and am getting tired of trying to be master of all trades!!! It just doesn't work -This fall my goal is to get my 10K times back down to the 6:50 pr mile range, but for now don't want to get injured. So didn't really care how I did in the mini. The start was fun as Frank came with me and brought my camera and we too some pics at the start --he took photos f the elite start after the race began. After they introduced the elite runners, and we sang the national anthem we were off --the first mile is uphill on th west side. I felt tired but OK and passed thru the first mile in 6:53 -but knew this was way too fast for my fatigue level --then the next miles were sub-7s --also rolling uphill -by then my lungs tightened to the point where I just couldn't breathe and to my embarrassment (Susan and marie went by me)I had to walk ---then struggled in --the last mile I felt better and finished in 44:16 -disappointed as wanted 43 -something, but it was over and I scored first for our team -I got a medal, bagels, and flower and watched some of the thousands of women finish on this miserably humid morning -great job everyone!


Just_because_today said...

only a minute off from where you wanted to be!!! that is pretty good considering you haven't been training for 10Ks. Good job!

Meredith said...

good job Emmy. the heat and humidity are no fun.

Scott said...

Great run speedster!