Saturday, June 14, 2008

cook your buns 3 miler --June 13, 2008

well, it turned out to be the best birthday for a runner --I got to go to a race on birthday and see all my friends -Francoise, amy, john, christine, lynn and chris, sharon and joost, frank and katie, yuen, kate and tom, mickey and jim ---whoever was around came over for cake, champagne and water after the race! It was really fun.
Today i ran 50 miles in 9:10 with frank and rob --lots of people dropped out but I was proud of Frank running 9:47 in the 90 degree, humid shadeless heat...and rob finished the 50K...s many people were laboring that the race director, Ritchie, shortened the 100K to either 50K (a sane option) or 50 miles..everyone got a trophy, no matter how many miles they finished. more on monday -here are some 'Cook your buns' 3 miler photos!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Unisphere. Job well done AGAIN! Happy belated birthday. I hope you enjoy a restful Father's Day.

DawnB said...

Congratulaitons Emmy a little birdie told us you took first place overall in the womens!! Nice job.

first time I did cook your buns but i'm no strager to the course do bush whack every year and ramble i've done a few. I'm hoping some day they will bring back the jim fixx 10K I really miss that one.

Anyway great way to celebrate your birthday.

I did ok at the Norwalk 3 miler wasn't my best time for that course but it was ok