Friday, June 27, 2008

Meredith's 100 mile fun run -june 28-29, 2008

well, I better get to bed early tonight (easy because my kids are gone and I have rented 'the namesake' to watch now) --am volunteering at the Norwalk 5 miler and then will spend 4 hours in car (2 alone) getting hank from camp -then will go over to Rockefeller state park around twilight. Our friend Meredith Murphy, who was going to run in this weekend's canceled Western States 100 mile endurance run, will run 100 miles in Rockefeller park and the surrounding area. The western states endurance run was cancelled due to forest fires and dangerous air quality and Meredith still wants to complete the challenge. She has completed 2 100 miles so far this year -rocky racoon and Umstead! Westchester county will not be California but she will go the distance just the same, hopefully, with the support of her running friends who can make it.
So she will start off sat a.m. at 7 with Anthony, wayne, Kristn and her husband Eddie.
I will join her for some night miles and report back on sunday. I don't know how much I am good for but have every confidence that she will make the 100 miles in fine shape!

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