Wednesday, April 2, 2008

spring...goofy's certificate

is coming! I will take some photos in North Carolina of spring
blossoms, including Wysteria if I survive.
Flowers are just starting to pop out around town...everything is really bare. and the wind is relentless! Today in the mail I got my Goofy's Challenge certificate --since I will probably never do it again, or at least will wait a couple years, it was fun to get it --it seems like a million years ago. I know Anthony is doing it again next year!


AnthonyP said...

I got my certificates yesterday. :) Did you get all 3 - one for the 1/2, one for the full, and one for the challenge ?

I am already signed up and ready to go again for January.

soleslide said...

The colours in my nature photos never come out half as nicely as yours did :( Bad running karma???

CTmarathoner said...

anthony --yes, I got 3 nice certificates. Disney really does a nice job, and it was fun to get the 1/2 and the marathon times on one piece of paper! Really glad you are going back-see you Sat.

soleslide -thanks, but I just have garden-variety digital camera! I could do much better.