Friday, April 11, 2008

spring and cats

Here are 2 of my cats -one knows she is being naughty by jumping up on the table.
Just returned from NYC where I went to pick up my Northface endurance packet (water bottle, shirt, hat and socks) and stopped at the Cloisters off off Henry Hudson Parkway...the Cloisters is part of Fort Tyron Park with views across the Hudson. It has the renowned Unicorn Tapestries from the Mideval (sp.) 1450s and amazing stained glass, 1500s paintings and ivory sculptures from the 1300s -just walking round the former castle is a treat. The trees in the center garden are just blooming so have to go ack as it is easy to get to. and, I forgot my camera. Tommorrow will hike part of the Bear Mtn Northface endurance run courses -will write it up if I survive. I am recovering but am truly tired just walking around --ran 2 times this week, and a 10 minute pace is tough -but no aches and pains, except bottoms of feet are sore and itchy.

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Just_because_today said...

you are going to be close to my home! Wish we could hook up.
Good luck.
You guys gotta come this way to visit.